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Shane George on – Lord of the Rings / JLA

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

Hey everyone, here’s another update from our only Alabamian friend, Shane George, on two of his favorite topics. Take it away, brother.





NO…….>>…………. ITS……

SHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANE GEORGE (say that like kid rock says it like kiiiiiiiiiid rock but shaaaaaaane george, u kno what i mean, can u make the music be in the web page like when they load up the web page kid rock starts playing? u should do that i can send u the mp3.s….)

WHATS Up – BEEP BEEP BDEEP DEEP – SHANE NEW S ALRT, gonna hit ya all with a lil “shane theorys” that i like to call……


did i just blow ur mind….? its ok, shane is just gonna sit here while u clean ur mind up…. u missed a spot.. right there.. on ur jacket… some mor emind right there on the floors..

OS Yeah, i was sitting at home the other day and lord to fhte rings came on TV and grandma started yelling b/c she cant reacht the rmemote so i told her i had to watch it for a school project even though i am out of school and she knows that but u kno granma she is pretty much starting to lose it like she just listens to the TRONS LEGACY soundtrack on loop all day and reads TV guides from the 80s like there is gonna be a new episode of TJ hookers just for her on tonight

SO Neways i was watching and when they get to the part where gillim the dwar is like “u can have my axe if u want it” A THOUGHT OCCURED TO OLD SHANEY –


ok mind a lil less blown this time cuz i already said it but ok i will dig in deeper to blow ur mind again and maybe this time youll be dead and im sorry for killing u but sometimes a mind just has to die…… before it can be reborn AS THE DARK PHOENIX BLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSHHHHHHHH SCOTT Y R U SLEEPING WITH THE WHITE QUEEN WHAT THE HELLS ~~~


batman is aragorns

so yeah obviousy batman is vinno morgenstern like batman is just a man who gets by on his own wits and skill and having a billion dollars just like aragorns.. cousin beanie told me there is a book called the similariliion where they say aragro runs his own company in hobbit town and i guess that makes sense b/c he is like not proud of running a fortune 5000 company so he goes 2 help frodo complete his quest also his parents died after zorro too

sUPEMRAN is frodo

YUP BET U DIDNT See this one coming but ITS TRUE! froro is the nicest and most self sacrificing of all the JLA just like superman. like when he is pretending to be clark kent FRODO is all tripping into stuff and being all stupid like “ho ho im dumb im wearing glasses made from elf glass i guess” but when he needs to be he is like “RARHG STAB STAB with my SWORD THAT GLOWS WHEN AMAzO IS AROUND” just like superman would u kno

martian manhunter is GANDALG

OH MAN WHEN I REALISED THIS ONE I GOT SO HAPPY – b/c U JUST KNO if ole JOHNNY JONEZ was fighting m. balrogs on a bridge or w/ever and the big demon started all “RARRGH BLAAAARFFFFF (that is the sound when he shooots out fire and stuff) martian manhunter would give his life for his teammaets and would like shape change his head into gandalfs hat and be like “U SHALL NOT PASS ME ON THIS TINY BRIDGE LIKE WHO REALLY USES A SMALL BRIDGE LIKE THIS NEWAYS RAAAAAAAAAGHGGGGH” and then he comes back as ***SPOILERS**** white gandalf b/c he was black b4 i guess i dont know the color on our tv hasnt worked since granma shot the TV when eli manning threw a touchdown pass to a guys head….

uhhh im running out of time and space so check back on thursdays when i do the rest of them all…… i

in the meantimes… “live strong and prosper” —lance armstrong , when he had a nut removed… sept 11, 2001