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Are you fucking kidding me, Marvel?

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010


Are you fucking kidding me, @Marvel?!

You’re seriously going to cancel the best book you publish?

Is that what we’re talking about here?

Thor : The Mighty Avenger is everything wonderful about comics. I know that might seem hard to swallow if you haven’t read it since it is a comic about Thor, but it is completely true.

Heartfelt. Beautiful to look at. Enjoyable for any age without being insulting to an older reader or talking down to a younger reader. Totally satisfying in installments from a story standpoint, but masterfully building on a larger arc when read together.

And, most importantly, so much fun.

Unless you’re cancelling this book to let Langridge and Samnee take over the regular Thor title, we’re done, Marvel.

I quit.

Take the power in your own hands.

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

Yes, I am still on this “Save Thor: The Mighty Avenger” mission.

Our designer/super-friend, Dylan Todd, made the above poster, so I’ll just let him explain..

So Benjamin Birdie (of The Rack fame) recently reviewed Thor: the Mighty Avenger #6 over at Comic Book Resources. At the end of his review, he suggested inundating the desks of Marvel with rainbows to try and persuade them to continue the book or, at the least, let it finish up like writer Roger Langridge had planned.

Which got me thinking, “Why aren’t we doing that? Somebody should make like a flyer or something that people can print out, sign and mail to Marvel. That would be cool.” And here we are. So yeah, do that. Print out the PDF, add your two cents at the bottom and send this thing to:

Save Thor: The Mighty Avenger
Marvel Entertainment, LLC
135 W. 50th Street, 7th Floor
New York, NY 10020

All it’ll cost is about five minutes, the price of printing, and a stamp. Five minutes tops. So yeah, let’s do this thing.

Click here to download and print Dylan’s fantastic poster and mail it to Marvel.

Another great idea would be to go to your local comic shop (or shoppe, if it’s fancy) and buy the first Thor: The Mighty Avenger trade which came out just yesterday!

This is what it looks like..

Roger Langridge has said, “I’d just like to remind people one more time that decent sales on this item could have an effect on whether or not Chris and I will get an opportunity to finish our originally-planned 12-issue story arc“, so please go give this wonderful book a shot, or if you already know it’s great buy a copy for someone else that needs some good comics in their life.



Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

Cable announcement teaser from SDCC

Remember this comic we did?

Marvel, you can just put the check in the mail.