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The meek will inherit.. something.

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

Hi there.
It’s Chris again.

Curt doesn’t know I’m doing this, so this’ll just be our little secret.

Since what should be today’s new strip won’t be up until tomorrow on account of me being sick yesterday, I thought I’d share this little bit of business I found.

You can click on this picture for a closer look at the pencils from the cover of Curt’s rejected JSA pitch.

I wonder who’d be stupid enough to draw something like that.

Hope this helps with the waiting, and be here tomorrow for the thrilling conclusion!

I am terribly vexed.

Friday, July 31st, 2009

Dang ol' Superman
I’m really disappointed in everyone who is complaining about the Superman story in Wednesday Comics.

Let me rephrase that.

I am disappointed in everyone who is complaining that Superman is not punching anyone in this Superman story in Wednesday Comics.
If you just want mindless fighting I’ve got numerous longboxes FULL of lousy old Image comics and 90s dreck you can have for free.

I’m not saying it is thrilling to watch Superman eat a corndog, but Superman didn’t punch anyone in “Superman : The Movie”.
Did it hurt that movie at all? I would say that it did not.
He didn’t even put the suit on until like 45 minutes into that movie, and even then it was just for a second, and then it was another 20 minutes or so before he actually did anything as Superman.

More importantly, I feel like complaining that Superman isn’t fighting or punching enough in a story really does a disservice to the character, because it’s pretty much saying Superman (as a character) is only good for punching things.
Superman is not Mike Tyson.

For my money, the most powerful and memorable moments in All Star Superman didn’t have anything to do with how hard he could punch someone, but with how what really makes him “super” is the content and quality of his character.

What I’m saying is Superman’s heart is way more super than his fists are, and as cool as it was to see him punch out a tyrant sun, the scenes with him visiting the sick children, convincing the teenage girl not to commit suicide, and delivering the eulogy at his father’s funeral are the scenes that will stay with me forever.

Wednesday Comics is a really interesting experiment with some amazingly talented people, and I think that if it was all just “Biff! Bang! Pow!” Guy-In-Tights #1 punches Guy-In-Tights #2 comics, that would really be selling the creators, the characters, and comics as a whole short.

Having said all of that, I do still hope that he gets to do a little more superhero-y things soon, but even if he doesn’t, as long as the art stays beautiful and the story is well written, I am fine with that, because Superman means more than flying and punching to me.

I almost forgot..

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

Also, because it is my birthday..

Devil Dinosaur Riding Superman!

This was done for me by one of my favorite artists, Nate Bellegarde ( )
Keepin’ the theme and the dream alive!

Happy birthday to me!

I’m trembling still..

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

When people are willing to draw things for me, I generally ask for one of two things, Superman riding Devil Dinosaur or Scott Pilgrim and Superman high-fiving.

Nate Bellegarde ( ) is a dude among dudes, one of my all time favorite artists, and has once again raised the bar beyond belief..

Scott & Superman together again!

Happy Hallow– uh, Christmas!

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

As requested, here is Deathstroke..

As requested : Deathstroke
(You can click on it if you like.)

This was another sketch for another one of the cool people that played my Twitter Halloween guessing game.

I actually had all of these sketches done within a few days of Halloween, but I was trying to pace myself with posting them, and then Curt and I both have been having internet problems for the last week or two.