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In a sea of reverb..

Monday, September 14th, 2009

Batman sketch card
I think this guy is called Bats-Man. He’s like half a bat, I guess.
Another one of the sketch cards I’ve done for one of the LBFAns.

Does that name work?

What would you, the readership, like to be known as?

If you’d like a sketch card I am still taking orders while I have the time before SPX, and yes, the original art for the strips is still available (although a LOT of them have already been purchased).

PS – A super-sincere thank you to all of the awesome readers who have helped make sure I am going to be able to make it to SPX. You guys and gals (apart from being very smart and incredibly attractive) are the best.

We were in the dang ol’ paper.

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

Funny "Friends"

1) Is that title implying that we aren’t really friends?
I don’t know how newspapers work.
If you’d like to read the entire article, you can click here.
If you would not like to read the entire article, then you can pretty much click anywhere else on your computer screen. Anywhere but that one particular place would be where you want to click to not read it.

2) If you’re on Facebook and you’re reading this, let’s be friends (again) on there, okay?

3) BUY OUR BOOK! Seriously, Sarah Palin’s book is outselling ours right now on Amazon. This is an outrage! Are you going to stand for that?

And hey, if you have a copy of our book already, and enjoyed it, why not write a glowing review of it on there? Like Eugene did.

4) Curt’s exploits with the French police last night have pretty much insured there won’t be a new comic up today, but there will be a new one up very soon (like tonight or tomorrow), I promise!

5) Until then, here is another one of the sketch cards I did to raise money to pay for my plane ticket to SPX.

Another Batman sketch card!

Batman is very popular apparently.
I don’t recall who this one was for, but I hope they liked it.