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am i gonna have to learn css

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

man, what the hell kinda crazy internet language am i gonna have to figure out next

in ten years we’re gonna be casting spells using innocents’ blood to change the dang header fonts

god bless this mess

Thursday, October 2nd, 2008

pardon a few things:

1. the black and white color scheme. our webcomic is not planned to be viewed on television sets from the 50′s, we’ve just yet to pick a color scheme. i’m hoping we can go with neon pink or green, trapper-keeper style, but we’ll see.

2. the ease with which i become distracted by youtube videos of 60′s folk singers whenever i sit down to try and edit this monstrosity of a site

3. general lack of polish

i’m learning this as i go, so bear with me. the plan for now is a comic a day until October 7th, whereupon the Tuesdays and Thursdays of your life will bear sweet, new Let’s Be Friends Again fruit. for the rest of our lives. or until we get lazy. smart money on the latter, gamblers.

- curt


Monday, October 6th, 2008

chris and i just got back from SPX, so if you navigated your way to this site by way of a card you found on the messy tiled floor of a bathroom stall, welcome!

we’re going to be updating the comic on tuesdays and thursdays with blog posts hopefully every day or somewhere thereabouts. *wood is knocked*

i’m also planning on doing a review of all the comics i bought at the show. the criticism will be akin to that of an infant who’s only sense of narrative and characterization comes from an episode of that nickelodeon show where a blue circle bounces around the screen for two hours; so, hopes, don’t get up for any worthwhile insight.

also hoping to mention and link to all the great people chris and i met, if only to force my mom (Hi!) to check out some of the stuff i’m going to tell her about.



Thursday, October 9th, 2008

not content, the word that implies we’re resting on our laurels, but content, the word that strikes fear into anyone with a website, the word that brings the unbidden masses to your website to check out all your shit for free, the word that makes you internet famous!

we are hoping to have a lot. content, that is. and we’re debating on exactly what forms it will take. keep in mind, though, that we just want to make people laugh. so if something pops up here that isn’t funny, let us know, and then i will call you a wiener. that’s the way these things usually proceed in real life.


Freddie Mercury vs. His Seven Evil Ex-Boyfriends

Monday, October 13th, 2008

freddie mercury gets it together! by way of chris haley with inspiration from, i’m going to guess, bryan lee o’malley. we’ve met o’malley (lee o’malley? are both last names necessary here? strunk? white?) at three cons now, and he actually recognizes chris’ face without any telltale signs of fear. this says to me that he possesses, at the very least, neutral feelings towards chris! or he masks his terror well.

edit: i neglected to mention the coloring was assisted by april steele, who, legend has it, is for real.

the LITG effect

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

if our regular traffic resembles the wastes of the arabian desert, Rich Johnston was kind enough to erect the city of Dubai in the otherwise flat sands of my mom’s continuous refreshes.

thanks, Rich! if ever we find ourselves in the hot bed of a comic book scandal, consider the gossip yours to own.


lies we tell ourselves

Monday, October 20th, 2008

this was originally going to be part of Let’s Be Friends Again #2, but i’ve changed the script so much as to be nigh unrecognizable from that first heady draft. those were innocent, worry free days we lived in, Happy Days-ian even, when i thought a comic about chris and i wandering through the white canvass of the arctic could hold even the most devout’s interest for more than two pages.


And you, sir, are no e.e. cummings.

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

I wrote all previous updates on this site using, for the most part, only miniscules.

It was a conscious decision I made at some point, but I can’t remember why or what point it served, and, in retrospect, it seems sort of pretentious, so I’m not anymore.

There’s been a proliferation on the internet in the use of improper capitalization, and here I was following along like some sort of internet sheep, prancing alongside those who practice such English skills as would break my fourth grade teacher’s heart. My rationale was that what you’re saying isn’t as ‘serious’ if you don’t make the guys at the beginning of the sentence stand out. It’s harder to be criticized if you’re typing your shit in a form that can’t be held up to the elegant Elements of Style’s standards.

This discussion begs the question: Who gives a shit?

Gentle reader, nobody gives a shit, so here’s a picture of Freddie Mercury as the Green Lantern of Sector 2814 fighting Darkseid. An oldie, but never before seen ’round these here parts.

- Curt

Exclusive content! L@@K!

Friday, October 24th, 2008

A preview of the first web-exclusive LBFA strip. Feels a bit grandiose calling it ‘web-exclusive.’ Web-exclusive implies that there’s another medium out there desperate to publish this strip. Surely, all of the comics we’ve done that are ‘napkin-exclusive’ made the web insane with jealousy.

I’d also like to point out that at this point in the strip’s life, when the boundary between creator and reader is at its most gossamer thin, anyone with the ambition and perseverance to fill out the imposing ‘Leave a comment’ box underneath this post could become our best friends. You can give us your e-mail addresses and Chris will tell you happy birthday, even if it’s not your birthday. You can give us your phone numbers and I will call you at 5 in the morning asking you why I’m so lonely and if you have anything to drink, I just emptied the last bottle of gin and don’t be a bitch just fucking answer me when I call, if you hang up I swear to god, stop pretending like there’s static, I know there’s no static, please don’t tell anybody about this, please.

We just like meeting people.

Until we’re making Penny-Arcade money. Then you can all just suck Scott Kurtz’ dick and check our silhouettes as we ride off on the backs of Palomino horses and flip you all the double bird in the rear-view mirror. What’s that? Yeah, we got rear-view mirrors on our horses.


It’s a long way to the top.

Monday, October 27th, 2008

As Chris and I keep our eyes on the zenith of comic fame, assistance from those in a position of power is always welcome. So when the guys at our friendly, clean, well-staffed, and existing comic book store offered to stock copies of our first brilliant mini, Let’s Be Friends Again #1, we were at first perplexed as to why an establishment that prides itself on it’s comprehensive back issue stock of Genus would want to sell our mini. I had serious misgivings about this partnership, but when they popped open the briefcase full of Sovereign Seven Mini-Mates, I had no chance to voice my concerns as Chris readily accepted their deal.

So imagine my surprise when I go into the store today and see this:

Yeah, thanks a lot Comics & Collectibles. Nobody’s ever gonna buy that copy of Secret Invasion. It’s just too intimidating for the average customer. We’re stuck in that stygian corner until a man comes along who can handle a book with a Skrull and Wolverine on the cover. Look at those doves. It’s like the coolest John Woo movie you’ve never seen. Skrull Spider-Man and Wolverine facing off in slow motion as some doves flutter around while some comic book called Corpse just sits in the shadows and watches, silent; it’s jaw on the ground at the unrepentant absoluteness of Secret Invasion #7.