Stop Lying
February 8th, 2014

Stop Lying

So, you may have noticed that things got a little crazy, schedule-wise, around here, and I’m afraid there’s no one to blame but me.

However, I do have some good excuses. First of all, I was having a number of technological-type difficulties that made getting the comic into a digital, post-able format impossible.

Oh, and also, I had what the doctor called “suspected pneumonia”. Which explained why I’d been feeling pretty lousy for over two months and never getting better.

If you want to hear all about it, you can head over to the podcast Euge and I do and check out our latest episode where we talk about it (and other fun things like comics and milk).

Now here’s Eugene to talk more about Saga and this comic and comics in general.

Hope you all are staying warm and healthy. Don’t get pneumonia.


PostAvatar_EugeIt’s no shocker that Chris and I are Saga fans. Besides it being one of the best-selling, critically praised comics currently on the market, it’s also..y’know, awesome. If you don’t already read Saga, jump in with the first trade. I promise you: you’ll be hooked. You’ll want to read it issue by issue, even  though it’s maddening watching this obviously epic story (dare I say it is a…Saga?) unfold only one issue at a time, one might say the journey is where the true reward lies. So thank you Vaughan and Staples, for making a comic that seems to have captured the imagination of everyone in comics.

As for this strip (and the Lying Cat), comics is a thing that we may hate, we may gnash our teeth, we may bitch and whine and moan, we may tweet and…uhh, facebook…our complaints. But like with all things we love, we poke because of love. In many ways, we may run hot about it because we only want the best for it. We only want comics to be the best, so that when new fans pick up an issue for the first time; when people see all these eleventy bazillion movies that they don’t even know why; when people realize, when they know you are a “comic fan,” we can all be proud. We can be confident that they see those small, little moments that move us; that literally change our lives. We know that a lot of times, it’s not that. how could anything be THAT all the time. But we hope that there’s something in there that lets people understand why we love these damn, stupid things so much.

And sometimes, it’s a moment in a comic about a cat that knows when you’re lying, a little girl that’s been through hell, and a moment in a dumb ole’ comic book that lets us know that no matter what any of us have been through, after all the bad things… sometimes comics do, in fact, make it all better.

Lying? I don’t know, maybe I am. But I’m going to choose to believe it. And I’m okay with that.


  1. KillaCam7010

    So, when you have the comics blues, just read Morrison?


    Elliot Reply:

    That’s my method!


  2. Roto13

    It’s not about outgrowing comics, it’s about comic companies being dumb and driving you away. It’s their fault, not yours.


  3. ZoidTheReluctantReader

    I love comics and I hate comics. This stuff is hard.
    Harder still is finding Saga cool. I tried very hard, but it is not for me.


  4. Greg Manuel

    What Roto13 said. You didn’t outgrow comics…the publishers abandoned you.


  5. SB

    When the publishers don’t care and every cover is despair,
    When all is rape, crossovers, cancellations and books are vile,
    Then there’s a certain thing I read, of which all you may be in need, that’s always guaranteed to make me smile:
    I read Nee-ee-eextwave like a mothereffin’ fool. Just read Nee-ee-eextwave, simply cackle, twitch and drool.
    When The Movement’s axed, when the books are taxed, when the crossovers abound…
    You can head on down, to your shop in town and show off the book you found:
    It’s called Nee-ee-eexwave, it’s the only book for love, yeah it’s Nee-ee-eextwave, gift of Warren & Stuart above.
    When the average book is priced by a crook, when the retcon’s commonplace, when the Carol Corps’s getting shown the door, shove some Nextwave in your face!
    When you’ve been sold out by a corporate lout, and you’re feeling outta luck:
    Don’t get aa-aa-aangry, get ☠☠☠☠ed!


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