Ad Infinitum
November 25th, 2013

Ad Infinitum

Wherein newly joined Avengers Cannonball and Sunspot are stand-ins for how Euge and I have felt reading Infinity/our conversations about Infinity.

Don’t get me/us wrong, we think it’s interesting and well done, but there are so many threads and such a large cast of characters and so grand a cosmic scope to things that it has a tendency to start feeling a little overwhelming.

I dunno. I’m sure by like 2015 or 2017 when Inhumanity and whatever the next two cosmic spectacle crossovers that Jonathan Hickman has cooked up are finally all over and we can read them as a whole, we will think they are masterpieces. This is not sarcasm. We’re both big fans of his stuff.

Over at ComicsAlliance, Andrew Wheeler has been recapping/explaining what’s been going on, so perhaps that will help you out if you are like us and having the same problems staying focused month to month.

This isn’t a very funny post, but hopefully the comic makes up for that.

Maybe Cannonball and Sunspot can become recurring, completely befuddled characters here at LBFA.

I guess it’s Thanksgiving this week. Maybe we’ll try to do something about that next.

Hope you all have a good week/holiday. Everybody be safe out there. We love you, guys and gals.

I’ll get back in line, everybody.



  1. Koltreg

    Cannonball in the street but a Sunspot in the sheets.


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