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Not a Real Update

Friday, November 22nd, 2013

PostAvatar_Euge Currently on the road and here and there in places, I just wanted to take a second and say thank you to everyone who’s been saying nice things to me on the road about LBFA. This is a weird thing, being a “writer” – and I’m glad that people are enjoying it. Chris and I have been having a bit of a hectic life lately, and we realize sometimes we don’t get the comics and blogs up as fast as we’d like. Thank you to all who stick with us.

I travel a lot. In December I’ll be traveling a lot. You should come out and say hi:

Dec 4 – Kansas City, MO – Elite Comics (info
Dec 6 
- Omaha, NE – Legend Comics & Coffee (info)
Dec 7
 – St. Louis, MO – Star Clipper (info)
Dec 9 - Minneapolis, MN – Highlander Games & Comics (info)
Dec 11 
- Bloomington, IN – Vintage Phoenix Comics (info)
Dec 12 
- Milwaukee, WI – Lost World of Wonders (info)
Dec 13 
- Chicago, IL – Brainstorm Comics (info
Dec 14 
- Columbus, OH – Packrat Comics (info
Dec 15 
- Dearborn, MI – Green Brain Comics (info)
Dec 16
 – Dayton, OH – Super-Fly Comics (info
Dec 18 
- Pittsburgh, PA – Pittsburgh Comics (info)
Dec 19 – Louisville, KY – Haymarket Whiskey Bar (info)

You should also tweet at @thechrishaley and say thanks to him too. I get to hear it in person from a lot of people on the road. He is sitting in a dark room chained to a post in the ground, with only bread and water and All Star Superman to keep him going.

Anyway, more later. Right now, I gotta hit the road. See you in the funny papers.