Day Saved
November 20th, 2013

Day Saved

There have been some heated debates around here and around the comicsphere (not a real word) in general, but I think we can all agree that BATKID and his story is pretty great.

It’s nice when we can stop for a minute and appreciate the good things, because honestly, all of the depressing things can seem overwhelming sometimes.

That’s not to say that we should pretend the depressing things don’t exist and just try to stick our heads in the sand to them and think nothing but happy thoughts. We’ve got to confront those bad things to make them better.

But man, it is really great when something good can rise above the din of all the negative things and grab everyone’s attention and make us all feel a little happier, even if it’s only for a moment.

A huge thank you to Jessica Marrs for helping out with coloring this strip. Jessica is a friend and an amazing artist and she has always liked butts, so she obviously fits in great with us.

Follow her on Tumblr and especially check out the fact that she is currently accepting commissions! The only problem I have is that I like her art so much I can’t decide what to commission her to draw for me.

Do the vampire, everybody!


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  1. Rob

    That’s really great. It’s good to see you guys are back. Does Curt remain as power behind throne hey hows it going


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