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In Hue Manatees

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

PostAvatar_Euge I’ve been trying to figure out what I think of this upcoming Inhumanity event and title from Marvel. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love The Inhumans. I believe that Black Bolt is one of the most fascinating, formerly underrated characters around, and I’m totally stoked to read stories in their universe. But I guess the confluence of Infnity before it, and the news that Marvel is grooming The Inhumans as the new mutants, largely because they don’t have the X-Men movie rights, and well, the idea that all these Inhumans are activated across the galaxy kinda slides into that mutant revolution ethos nicely, without all the hassle of things like contracts and the such.


This coming on the heels of the largely reactive Marvel Now! event that occurred oh, a year ago (shit has it really been a year already!?!), it seemed like one of those planet aligning moments where even largely being reactive to DC’s New 52 and a total grab to bring in those sweet #1 issue dollaz,, it still took great pains and care to make a unified, editorially controlled, and artfully crafted relaunch of all the major titles. Out of the smoke of this barnburning, we’ve seen a revitalized Hulk title, a Thor title that at the moment, has the amazing distinction being slightly a movie tie-in while maybe doing the villain better justice in the book itself; and yeah I’ll say it – the best X-Men books that have ever been written. Underline it. Bold text. Color font something bright. Gifs.

After several consecutive years of maddening, frustrating, overly bloated summer event comics (hey guys, remember Siege?), Hickman has made Infinity into a title that accomplishes the seemingly impossible – being understated and leaving major story moments to the tie-ins, while not sacrificing the central narrative of the main storyline. As we storm the doors of the final Infinity issues, though – it’s a bit frustrating to see the earmarks of what seems to be a ramp-up to Inhumanity. None of us should be surprised – if any of us read Hickman’s FF, we all know that he plays the long game; and Infinity was never going to be the zip-bam-boom “now it’s like this!” kind of event (not his style) – I guess considering Inhumanity in the context of being a push for more movie franchises, maybe it’s possible that the end and point of Infinity is colored a bit by the idea that this was all to serve the movie gods.

This all becomes a moot point if Inhumanity is AWESOME – which I mean, it could totally be. I guess we reserve judgment for that later. Some fantastic comics have come at the behest of the Marvel movie machine (see Invincible Iron Man). And it’s true that yes, big two comics serve the shareholders, just like television shows have always served their sponsors. We’re here to make money. Cha ching, cha ching.

But I guess that with how GOOD comics have been lately in the Marvel universe, a part of me thinks it’s unnecessary to tie their movie hopes and dreams to this kind of creative reverse engineering. I guess Marvel Now! surprised me so much, that rare moment of thinking a move by big two comics was a reactive cash grab, and instead it turning into something awesome. Something about Inhumanity smells of the opposite. Something that should be awesome, but hopefully, is not just the pathway to make more money at the box office at the expense of the comics we love.

But what do I know? I’m the guy that still loves Darkhawk.