All Two Dad’s Eve
October 31st, 2013

All Two Dad’s Eve

PostAvatar_EugeSorry about the late post, we had some server issues yesterday that caused all our site to not work, like at all. It’s fixed now. Thank god.

So…. HAPPY HALLOWEEN good readers! May your Thursday be full of candy and fanciful costumes that, in the cold light of post-partying day, will look even more hilarious as you stumble back home.

I’m not sure why My Two Dads will always be funny to Chris and me. ¬†For some reason, watching Paul Reiser and Greg Evigan try to raise that kid together, but like totally not in a gay way, was a formative part of our youth. Why? Maybe there’s that dynamic of the two men trying to work together to do some good in the world. Maybe it was seeing the two sides of the coin that the Reiser/Evigan dichotomy represented in all men. Maybe it was just that dope ass theme song:

But for some reason, Chris and I could sit around and riff on My Two Dads jokes for HOURS. We actually have done this.

So obviously Chris is the Evigan, to my Paul Reiser, if you know us at all.

I’m not really sure why this Halloween post has become all about My Two Dads. Maybe because there’s nothing new to say about Halloween. Go eat some candy.


  1. TheMightyMass

    And now you have an excuse to sell “Reiser Time” sweater vests on ETSY.


    TheMightyMass Reply:

    It’s the “Jim Nabors is Way Cool” of LBFA


  2. ChrisHaley'sMom

    Led Zepplin wrote a song about what yer problem is in this comic. Communication Breakdown. World’s Finest is one of my favorites! Oh to be Lois Lane for that one.


  3. Lightning Armour

    I only ever knew Paul Reiser as Gorman from Aliens and I wouldn’t trust him to raise a child.


  4. Martinimanjoe

    Did the mother of the kid die?


  5. Dave

    @Lightning Armour: Except he WASN’T Gorman, he was Carter Burke. Gorman was the inexperienced Lieutenant.


  6. Lightning Armour

    Wait shit, you’re right. It’s clearly been too long since I last watched Aliens.


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