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Win Some, Lose Some

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

PostAvatar_Euge I left my 3DS on one of the planes Chris and I took this past weekend, and in the mad rush of our multi-tiered travel and general exhaustion and fatigue, I decided to let it go rather than go on an epic manhunt across all of Delta Airlines (because we all know how much fun that would’ve been). Goodbye my pokemons. Goodbye, Shi’ar, my Animal Crossing village. Goodbye, Pushmo. It must be a sign of maturity that I didn’t get angry, I didn’t freak out, I simply thought about it for a few seconds, and shrugged with a kind of “well…that’s life” sentiment that I think made Chris think I was losing my mind. Again, I can’t explain it, sometimes you leave your 3DS on the plane. Sometimes, the house wins.

But that sealed the deal that on the way home from the airport, I sure as hell was going to buy Batman: Arkham Origins.

That’s one of the good things about living in an oversaturated media society, right? You lose one thing, there’s a bunch of other stuff to do in its place. I chose to fill my void by beating down dudes as Batman. I got to the second boss, Deathstroke, and spent a good, oh let’s say HOUR trying to beat his stupid ass. I died so many times, that I tweeted in a fury, “AM I JUST DUMB?!?” Someone had to tell me to use the Batclaw and pull that sweet wrestling move on him. I finally beat him with one bar of life, thankful that the last animation sequence takes out almost half of his life bar. Whew.

But back to the point, there’s so much stuff out there. And while that may frustrate some, or dilute the goodness of the great things for others, I choose to spend my time trying to see as much of it as I can. I find it to be a pretty rewarding experience. I don’t feel like I’m wasting my life away for a second.

Wasting my life would’ve been screaming and gnashing my teeth and spending hours of my life trying to get my 3DS back. Hours I could’ve been using to beat up dudes as Batman, amongst other things.