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Catch Some of Them, But Not All…

Thursday, October 17th, 2013

PostAvatar_Euge┬áSo the video game console history of my life goes like this. Atari 5200, NES, SNES, PSX, Saturn (yeah srsly), PS2, Xbox360, PS3, 3DS. For a brief time I owned a Wii but then my Xbox red-ringed and my PS3 died, and I traded it in to get credit to buy a new Xbox. The point is, I never owned a Game Boy, or a Game Boy Advance, or a N64 or Gamecube. I never had a real way to play Pokemon. That all changed this weekend, when I bought Pokemon X, and since then it’s been all:

I get it, guys. I get it. I picked a Fennekin, then a Squirtle. And my Delphox/Blastoise/Lucario team is unstoppable. You don’t need me to tell you why Pokemon is so great, being that I’m decades late to this phenomenon, but there’s something relaxing about a game that doesn’t really require grinding, or saving money, that has this forward momentum that keeps you propelling forward and destroying trainers in your path. Yes, this is a game for CHILDREN, but I’m still impressed with how much there is in this game to learn. That strengths/weakness chart alone is daunting. So I’m having a great time. There’s nothing really more to say than that.

Oh I made a song about Pokemon X and Y, which you can listen to here.

Thank you to everyone who’s messaged me or come up to me at a show to say they’re enjoying this recent run of Let’s Be Friends Again. I appreciate the kind words, as this whole “writing comics” thing is still relatively new to me. Chris has been great about helping me become a better writer, and I feel like we’re only hitting our stride for the number of boner jokes we can spread through the comics and pop culture universe.

I’m about to hop a plane today to Orlando, and will be performing at Nerdapalooza. Come by and say hi at my show on Friday, 930PM. Also performing are They Might Be Giants, Protomen, MC Frontalot, Green Jelly, Nerf Herder, and a ton of other groups and acts.

I promise I’ll have something deeper to say on Tuesday. But I got Pokemons to catch.