Exactly What You Wanted
October 8th, 2013

Exactly What You Wanted

Even though his Wikipedia entry makes no mention of it, I assure you, THIS TOTALLY HAPPENED.

In a real comic.

Published by Marvel Comics.

Ah, the 90s.

You know, there comes a point in every man’s life when he finds himself at a pizza place with a friend and he realizes he’s about to have to talk about Slapstick’s genitals.

This is a very specific point in a man’s life, and if it hasn’t happened to you yet, it’s okay. It’ll happen eventually.

For us, that special, strange moment was last week. Euge and I were trying to think of 90s Marvel characters for a completely different comic than the one you see before you now and naturally Slapstick’s name arose. Naturally, I had to ask Euge if he remembered how Slapstick’s “limited series” ended.

He didn’t.

And that is why this comic had to happen.

Hopefully Marvel will see this and put us to work on this idea immediately.

And now you know…. the rest of the story… of the comic.

If you enjoyed reading this kind of “how we make comics” story, you might enjoy listening to us try to navigate the frightening waters of what IS and IS NOT a funny comic, and to that end, we decided to record ourselves brainstorming some comic ideas in what we jokingly called the “Let’s Be Friends Again Podcast”.

It was completely different from how we normally do a podcast, in that it’s just us talking to each other with no thought toward someone else listening to it later. It is us just really having the kind of conversations we have when we are trying to figure “COMICS” out.

I honestly have no idea if we’re ever going to make it available, but we ended up having a good time recording it, so maybe that’s good enough on it’s own.

I don’t know, would you want to listen to us use WAY too many swears to figure out what the funniest X-Men joke is?

Let us know, I guess.

Everything will be back on schedule for the rest of the week, so be here at the designated FRIEND-TIMES.

Cool? Cool.



  1. Pedro



  2. Reese

    You guys definitely need to post up the podcast.


  3. B Lau

    I’d listen to it in a heartbeat.


  4. Cleon

    I love the comic book discussions on the Gossiper so an unchained LBFA podcast episode would be awesome!!!


  5. ChrisHaley'sMom

    From the beginning, there have been many strips I did not get but knew they were funny. There were many I did get & that was awesome! Given that I’m no longer avid & up to date with comics, upon asking & given reference point I got why they were funny plus learned something to boot. ALL of them made me proud! This strip has raised the bar. I laughed & laughed! Tears came. Sides hurt. Didn’t know a thing about Slapstick or his story. Expressions on faces are so perfect in 2nd panel! Got to *, read it actually happened. That’s when I started to know this is funny. Big smile cuz I knew what was coming (teehee) so that when it did, it was even more hilarious to me! I laughed long & hard! (had to be said) I can’t wait to share this with my friends. We all love a good dick joke & this is my newest, most favoritest! Well done! Bravo!


  6. ectokid

    yo post it


  7. ryan

    as i posted in the forum…. i can die now. #singletear


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  9. Mrs. Nesbitt of Star Command

    The funniest X-Men joke is the third movie


  10. Allen

    ..speaking as someone who actually read that run as research for a roleplaying game? He hit a nuclear powered bum in the face with a mallet and then all the other heroes got mad at him.


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    Let’s Be Friends Again » Archive » Exactly What You Wanted

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