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Christmas & Two Video Games

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

┬áRemember when you were little? The only time you could get a new video game was your birthday or Christmas (or both, I guess). So high was the cost of those coveted $50 cartridges. So precious was each of those games. Unless you were rich beyond any of our wildest expectations, that’s all you got. One game. Choose wisely, or you might end up with that Wolverine NES game as the only game to play for the next 8 months of your life (noooooo!).

That annual ritual was so seared into my mind, that today, when I go to buy a video game, I still can’t actually wrap my head around the fact that I could honestly buy two games if I wanted to. Hell, I could buy three. No one is there to keep this arbitrary limitation on my gaming experience (except, y’know, my bank account), but for some reason I can’t understand it. Sometimes, I get a panic if I’m about to buy two video games. Like, oh god, I’m DOING SOMETHING WRONG.

The point of all this is that I bought a huge bundle of comics last week. I bought X-Men Vol. 2 #1-79 for basically nothing (the benefits of knowing your LCS and being there when people sell their old comics before they’re priced and in the system). So now I’m sitting here with 80 issues of X-Men comics that honestly, kind of makes my heart skip (both in the good and bad ways) when I look at them. I can’t even fully comprehend that I own this many comics in one fell swoop, and get to basically read SEVEN consecutive years of X-Men 90′s comics.┬áI’m blogging about my experience re-reading all these issues over at my tumblr, and if you read X-Men in the 90s, you’ll probably enjoy this entry on issue #8.

But the point of all this is, sometimes, you should just buy yourself the second video game. In the eternal words of Donna from Parks and Rec, “Treat yo self.” Life’s too short for playing The Wolverine NES game for 8 months straight. And beating it. Yeah, I beat it. God, what have I done with my life?

Rap game Phalanx Covenant out.