It’s Been Three Weeks
October 4th, 2013

It’s Been Three Weeks

Us being short a strip this week is 100% my fault.

I got sick, and instead of just accepting it and taking a sick day, and letting you guys know I was sick and we’d be short a strip this week, I kept fooling myself into thinking any minute I was going to start feeling alllll better and hop out of bed and make some new comics lickety split.

Clearly, that did not happen.

So yeah, I apologize to all of you for that and I’ll try not to let it happen again.

Until it does.

Now, on to Eugene’s post that’s actually talking about this comic!


Let me first say that I do not condone burning witches at the stake. Witches are cool in my book. Do your thing witches.

Also let me clarify and say that I do not have a girlfriend. But in the WOOORLD OF MAKE BELIEVE, I do. So, ladies?

On to Sleepy Hollow, which has become a hot topic of conversation among me and my friends, sort of like, “oh man, have you seen Sleepy Hollow?” and “Yes, it IS incredibly stupid.” And “Yes, that’s why it’s so awesome!!!!!” A show about Ichabod Crane having been on a secret mission from George Washington who showed him a secret map of the apocalypse and had a wife who was a witch and put him under a spell to sleep for 200+ years? A show where John Cho is a messenger of the devil (Go Asians! wait a minuteā€¦). Trust me, the show is dumb. And the show is awesome. It’s the FOXiest FOX show of all FOX shows ever to FOX.

So anyway, Chris and I don’t really “play” imaginary games. Would this be considered LARPing? Can you LARP Sleepy Hollow? I don’t know, can you? Who knows. But the point is, Chris and I don’t play games like this. Though he does own a sweet George Washington wig, which he calls his “thinkin’ cap.”

Anyway, Sleepy Hollow! Mondays on FOX!


  1. Koltreg

    This is LARPing you guys. You guys LARP, just don’t accidentally TRARP.


  2. 13rian

    The way you’re digging Sleepy Hollow is how I felt about 666 Park Avenue. Apparently I was the only one :/


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