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It’s the process…

Thursday, October 3rd, 2013

 I recently got back into wrestling (in fact, I released a CM Punk song yesterday), mostly thanks to being best friends with someone (Chris) who is obsessed with wrestling. I probably haven’t watched wrestling in like, a decade. And it’s funny, what a difference a decade makes. Back then, there was still this quasi-argument going on about whether we, as fans, still in some way believe that wrestling was “real,” whatever that’s supposed to mean. I mean, we didn’t actually think that Sgt. Slaughter turned Iraqi, did we? Or that Ted Dibiase actually owned Nikolai Volkoff? I mean, DID YOU?!?!?

But weirdly, the cool thing about being a fan now is that argument is mostly gone. Fans now talk about how well a guy sells a character or bit; and we talk more about athleticism (and the matches today definitely have a lot more of that, not just big hulking slow dudes body slamming each other) than we do about whether that dude “IS TOTALLY PUNCHING THAT DUDE AND THROWING HIM IN INTO THE STAIRS.” Blogs and websites talk more about the politics and business behind the scenes, and that somehow makes it a more enriching experience. We follow wrestlers on twitter and see them being normal people, being friends with each other. We know that Paul Heyman and CM Punk don’t actually hate each other. We are all in on this theater together, and it’s kind of nice, being involved in this big production together.

In a lot of ways, everything’s more like that. We’re all better informed, nosier thanks to the Internet, it’s impossible for us to not know who’s friends with who, and how the business end gets handled. We follow Marvel editorial on twitter and know the inner politics of comic offices. We see the kickstarters of video games and every step of the process. We read the casting news and updates of who the showrunners are of our favorite shows, we hear the drama that happens on movies. Camera phones capture it all (Christian Bale?). And through that, even with the curtain being pulled back on the wizard, we are somehow MORE invested and involved.

It’s why webcomics are fun, right? Because we’re not just faceless, soulless comic machines; we’re people who happen to make comics, and sure you like them (hopefully). But I know for me, my favorite webcomic creators are people I just like seeing work, I like hanging out with online. I like seeing what they make. Often times, the coolest people I know make the best shit.

So if you’ve been out of reading comics, playing video games, watching pro wrestling for a while, you might find getting back into it now more rewarding than ever.

Now here’s a gif of Winston from The New Girl that makes me laugh a lot.

Rap game college Schmidt out.