We Are Adults
September 27th, 2013

We Are Adults

You guys have no idea how close we’ve come to having basically this exact situation happen.

It’s strange young and being told/thinking for so many years that life is going to be a certain way once you reach that mythical certain age where you are “grown up”.

You hit 18 and you think, “Well, obviously I’m an adult now and I know everything.”

Then you turn 21 and you think, “God, 18 year old me was such an idiot. Such an idiotic child. But now, I’m really an adult and I know everything.”

Then you turn like 25 or 27 and you think, “Oh you stupid, stupid idiot fool child of only 21. You knew nothing of the world and it’s various realnesses, but now.. NOW I am truly an adult, and I have got this knowledge of all things shit on lock and never again shall be caught unaware by life, for I have solved all it’s mysteries.”

From what I can surmise from people older than me, this cycle basically keeps repeating every 5-10 years for the rest of your life, but while you still look back on your younger selves as childish idiot kid babies, you realize you have less and less figured out and that you’re probably never going to have life figured out.

If you’re smart/lucky, you get more and more okay with that and just try to appreciate all the crazy things you’ve seen and done and the people that have been a part of those memories.

Also, sometimes, you quit reasonable jobs and make silly things like comics and podcasts about cartoons and music and you realize there are all kinds of different ways to be grown up.. and that’s pretty rad.

It does make actual grown up functions a little nerve-wracking though.



  1. Amanda

    Oh man, that’s actually really inspiring!


  2. Charlie E/N

    Replace Superman underpants with New Warriors logo underpants and I’ve had both of those experiences.


  3. disposablepal

    story of my life. especially when i’m in adult work meetings and i remember i’m wearing Deadpool socks.


  4. made my day

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