White Mages Dance Like This…

You learn things as you do them. Like for instance, Chris has these hangups on things like “continuity” and “sequentialism” when I send him scripts that say “Panel 1: Okay, so a guy goes to space and then *PKEWWWWW* a space station blows up but back on Earth, a woman answers a phone… Panel 2…” Having spent the past 4-5 years of my life either doing a podcast about comics, rapping about comics, and being friends with editors, publishers and creators who work in comics, I’ve learned how to read a comic better (thanks Scott McCloud!) but my impatient mind makes me zoom past a lot of the details in trying to MAKE them. Chris is being patient with me, as I keep asking him, “Uh, can we make today’s strip twenty panels?” And he’ll look down, and whisper, “No.”

I watched Breaking Bad on Sunday, along with everyone else. I also was horrified and spent two hours after the end of the episode wandering around my house, desperately waiting for my favorite TV critics (Alan Sepinwall, Andy Greenwald) to post their recaps, so I could nod and say, “Yes, yes, this. I agree!” And then feel absolutely devastated all over again. I have to believe that the next TV viewer/critic cultural consensus sensation has to be a show that has like, zero stakes right? Just some kind of stupid, pointless comedy where we can all laugh and not think about the horrors that Vince Gilligan and crew have foisted on us. Or maybe, it’s a show that’s so stupid it’s awesome, like Sleepy Hollow. One thing I know, any serious-faced drama that tries to make us care about characters and tries to even approach Breaking Bad’s level, or worse, tries to push the envelope, we may actually lose our shit and come back from New Hampshire with a machine gun to force feed you a ricin capsule. It won’t go well. Just close the book on this chapter of anti-heroes for good, and let’s all watch The New Girl.

I’ve also been playing a lot of Final Fantasy IV on my DS, one of my favorite games of all time (I made a song about it over at adamwarrock.com -/shameless promotion). And one thing I don’t understand is why they changed the name of the Life spell to “Raise.” I liked the idea of you “casting Life” on someone. Now you’re “RAISING THEM FROM THE DEAD,” which just sounds way worse, like you’re involved in some occult, black magic shit. I also wrote this amazing joke on twitter about RPGs:

“Why’s it always gotta be the BLACK mage that kills people in video games?”

That’s the kind of cutting edge humor you can expect to hear from me. Anyway, hope everyone is enjoying the strip now that it’s back to normal. More blogz on Thursday (trying to blog regularly on Tuesdays and Thursdays).

Rap Game Fusoya out.


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