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“The Transition” by Eugene Ahn

Monday, September 23rd, 2013


So here we are. It’s the new Let’s Be Friends Again. And it’s written by me. Euge.

First, I guess I should say thanks to Curt for allowing me to take the reins of this strip while he works on some other projects, and to Chris, for putting up with me writing him scripts while on cold medication that make no sense. They are two of my best friends, and I think as these past strips have shown, Curt is not gone from the world of LBFA. But now, NOW, it’s time for Zoidberg. Err… me. And yes, we are going to go back to doing comics about comics*, and hopefully expand our scope to pop culture in general. That’s the plan at least.

*I guess this means I have to start reading some DC comics, right? But what about this stack of Sleepwalker scripts I’ve already written?

Second, let me say, to everyone who has followed us for the past uhhh, 12 strips or so? There’s a reason we have force fed you a story about Curt and Chris and me, without any topical comic jokes or anything in there. On the one hand, I guess we thought it would be really funny to basically delay the announcement of me taking it over, making Milhouse cry as we dangle a fireworks factory in the background while Poochie skateboard dunks a basketball totally to the extreme. But also, because, we want you to care about these guys. These guys are us. I mean they’re not EXACTLY us, but we’d like to attempt to do some things where it’s about our lives and the people we are. Truth is stranger than fiction, and sometimes, especially when you get to our age (around 80 or so), you want to start talking about things. Y’know, like girlfriends and family, and just general things in life and such. Who knows? Maybe we’ll go straight Funky Winkerbean on you.*

*We won’t. I promise. 

But the point of all of this is that we are back. Chris and I are in the drift like two Jaeger pilots, neural handshaking about X-Men and why we hate some movies and watching cartoons on the reg. We’d like to make you some comics about all of that stuff, and more. We hope you’ll read them.

See you in the funny papers.