We All Try
July 11th, 2012

We All Try

Again and again, the phrase “under pressure” finds its way into our lives, and the recent announcement of our involvement with MonkeyBrain Comics has certainly been one of those times.

Don’t get us wrong, this is the kind of good fortune and pressure we are very grateful to have, but we know we are in very talented company, and we are well aware that all new and critical eyes will be upon us.

Or maybe no one will notice or care!

Not related to any of this, but I’m selling as much of my art as is possible to pay for a new computer! Before this one dies! So I can keep making comics for you nice people!

Check out that link and keep an eye on my Tumblr & Twitter for new art as it goes up!



  1. Brad Curran

    I’m glad you guys are using your anonymity for good and not to say horrible shit on the internet. Well, not just to say horrible shit on the internet.


  2. deebeemonster

    I know who you guys are and I care, and I know you’ll do great. You only let me down that one time when I told those gangsters that you’d never rat me out, which caused me to go into witness protection for the last 20 years. But other than that we’re good. Oh yeah, not including that other time that you swore you’d feed my dog when I went on vacation for 2 months. All good, guys!


  3. JonHex

    Is the hat permanent? It looks good.


  4. BetaRayBob

    A Dipper hat makes any situation calm and relaxing.

    …Disney better start selling them.


  5. M'tt

    Gravity Falls already has gifs floating around the web. Holy cow. The show has been great so far, so I can only approve of this.

    Oh, and the comic is nice too.


    M'tt Reply:

    I just realized Chris is wearing Dipper’s trucker cap. Nice.


  6. Joel Priddy

    If it helps take the pressure off, please be assured that I have no idea who the hell any of you are.


  7. MartiniManJoe

    CH, Don’t you guys have a baller ass Mac in the LBFA Office, I thought that was for work???


  8. sloppyquickdraw

    Anonymity is a powerful weapon.


  9. Rizz Rustbolt

    I just know that there is an alternate version of this comic on one of your drives, that has Chris wearing one of Mabel’s sweaters instead of Dipper’s hat.


  10. AdamYJ

    Nice Gravity Falls hat. After you’re done championing your anonimity, do you plan on going out to uncover the supernatural in your own town too?


  11. algeya

    I knew yuour comic


  12. algeya

    before it was cool


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