Road Tripping
June 27th, 2012

Road Tripping

Chris and I are seasoned travel partners now. The 11ish hour drive from Memphis, TN to Charlotte, NC is a blink. It always starts off terrible – one or both of us is running late and we’re rushing around. The drive starts with whoever’s behind the wheel becoming drowsy in literal minutes, instantly projecting hatred onto whoever gets the cushy job as the first rider. But it quickly turns into podcast listening, song butchery, the construction of unmentionable phrases and other fun tomfoolery that really only takes place when people are traveling for long periods of time.

The driving delirium state is the best. Everything is chuckle-worthy. You’re not too tired to focus, but just tired enough to enter the zen-like state often mentioned in that book where the guy uses zen to fix a motorcycle. Every song becomes about masturbation or drugs (well, that’s sort of true anyways).

Oh, go donate to Adam Warrock’s week long donation drive HERE. You’ll get some thank you art from our very own Chris Haley as well as a ton of other things as a thanks for participating. Also, you’ll get first crack at this new Limited Edition LBFA t-shirt:



  1. chris graves

    That shirt made me haha. Even more when I noticed the Benoit sticker.
    You guys coming to SDCC?


  2. Rob G



  3. Walker

    Incidentally, Fort Pillow was the site of an enormous massacre of African-American soldiers by the eventual founder of the KKK during the Civil War….

    It’s awkward funny….


  4. LiamTime

    The Benoit part on the shirt made me choke on my own laughter.


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