Guest Strip by Mathis Ryan
June 22nd, 2012

Guest Strip by Mathis Ryan

Memphian Mathis Ryan shows us a world where we insert penises into one another’s thoughts. A beautiful world. Thanks, Mathis.

Chris and I are currently in Charlotte, North Carolina. We’re ostensibly at Heros Con, but we’ve actually decided to take a few hours while we’re here and work on an exciting new project. We’re trying to finalize a lot of the details and get working on it and, hopefully, we’ll have something to show you guys soon.

Until then, thank you for bearing with our odd updating schedule lately. We mega appreciate it.



  1. Joel Priddy

    If I only had roof access, I could really step my brooding up a level.


  2. Joey Lanley

    Sweet. penis humor is the greatest!!


  3. JoeAconite

    Somewhere Deadpool is reading this and saying “This comic gets me!”[Horny]
    “Shut up!”[Make me]


  4. Hobo Jack

    Oh god, now penis is all I can think about. Time to tun into a villain I guess.


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