“I’ve made a huge mistake”, thought Batman.
June 19th, 2012

“I’ve made a huge mistake”, thought Batman.

Father’s Day and some comic news coincided oddly last week and that has led us to this.

How are you feeling about this “revelation”?

How are you feeling about comics in general?

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  1. MartiniManJoe

    I hate to sound like a broken record…but New 52 is terrible with the exception of Batman Inc and Batman and Robin, Marvel is being ehhhh right but Loving some Indy Stuff though


    petes12 Reply:

    if they’re terrible now then they were absolutely atrocious before. dc’s editors kinda suck ass but there’s a lot more good comics than that going at DC. Demon Knights, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Swamp Thing, Animal Man, I Vampire…


  2. JonHex

    An interesting way to get Owlman without having to introduce Earth-5 or -S, the Crime Syndicate. The suit is way overdone, though.
    Much like most of the backstories they have for the Nu52, I have no problem with it on its own. It’s a Batman villain with a truly tragic history, as opposed to the revamps they’ve been doing. But all together, everything they reveal in DC is so friggin’ bleak or “dark” that it now seems like a pattern of making the DCU a terrible place to be.


    chrishaley Reply:

    Suit = overdone = ALL the new 52 costumes

    I went ahead and streamlined it a little because I give no fucks.


  3. Greg Manuel

    I now hear the 60′s Batman TV theme song playing in my head by a lone ukelele…


  4. Jason

    I can’t buy the idea of Batman’s Brother. I really can’t. I don’t care if Scott Snyder or Grant Morrison think it’s an awesome idea. There’s a reset button ten feet away from the DC bullpen, and you can’t tell me different.

    In other news: Arrested Development shout-outs? Never get old.


  5. JoeAconite

    Next time, Batman will face en even greater threat from the newiest new NEW 52 villain, The Shoehorn! The son of Alfred’s secret agent cousin, who once had an affair with Bruce’s mother when she had a trial separation, after finding Thomas had a terrible addiction to a drug that would one day become the Venom steroid.


  6. Nightwolf

    I thought it was cliche, a very well written, well done cliche, Batman has been great since the relaunch and I hope Snyder and Owl-Bro stay around for a long long time.


  7. Larry Koopa

    Joe, I assume you didn’t read Grifter before Liefeld took over? That book was great.


  8. Wally East

    I’m glad someone else got the Arrested Development reference :)


  9. Tobias

    I personally love this new revelation. It references yet another long forgotten story from Batman’s history that usually only Grant Morrison has been doing lately. Also reminds me of Owlman from Morrison’s Earth-2, since he was also Bruce’s brother on that world. Love Snyder’s Batman work!


  10. Daniel McBatman

    Choked on my own laughs just now. Halp.


  11. Brian L

    “That isn’t how a bat sounds. BATS DON’T CLAP!”


    Prederick Reply:

    Nearly spit water on my keyboard.


  12. SilverHammerMan

    Man, Thomas Wayne (Are we calling him Owlman?) has a terrible costume. It’s a shame too, since the Owlman costume that Frank Quitely drew in JLA:Earth-2 was pretty awesome and managed to not look too derivative.
    I really don’t know how to feel about this revelation, it just strikes me as weird that the Wayne would hide their child from the world like that, even if it was for his own protection. I keep hoping that Thomas is lying and he’s actually from the Evil Universe. That would be a kickass twist.


  13. Pj Perez

    You know, I totally forgot I was reading the New 52 “Batman” series when I clicked on a link titled “SPOILERS!” I am a moron.


  14. chris graves

    Ughhh, it’s like Vince McMahon is booking DC Comics now. BAH GAWD! That’s gotta be Thomas Wayne Jr!! The UnderBatmans long lost brother has come to DC!

    I’m so grateful Batman Inc is back, that first issue was just like old times.


  15. Dave

    Given DC’s obsession with de-hand-ifying their heroes, I would totally not be surprised to find out Buster is a part of the new 52 continuity. Aquaman best be careful around seals.


  16. Rizz Rustbolt

    I love when normal folks use Frisky Dingo as inspiration for their plots.


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