The Show Must Go On
June 11th, 2012

The Show Must Go On

If you haven’t heard by now, the comic world got some bittersweet news on Friday.

Odds are good that Comics Alliance and Laura Hudson are why you’ve heard of us and why you’re here at all.

And so, to Laura we say, thank you and job well done.



  1. chrishaley

    And big ups to DB ( ) for his color assist.


  2. Atticus Jackson

    Haha you guys have been in my heart forever. Thank you for joining the ranks of “Uh what the hell?”


  3. Kyle Starks

    I love the Nyan Cat reference in the last panel. Really wish Laura the best in whatever she chooses to do next.


  4. jason quinones

    LATER LAURA! ye shall be missed.


  5. jason quinones

    @ kyle starks

    does it HAVE to be a nyan cat meme reference? it can’t just be a nice innocent fucking rainbow. rainbows get no respect anymore….


  6. Pj Perez

    Is that the Rainbow Bridge behind Laura in the last panel? Is this a clue? She was actually called back to Asgard, wasn’t she?!


  7. David Uzumeri

    With all of her newfound free time, Laura is taking the rainbow bridge to, in fact, HUG EVERY CAT.


  8. Rusty

    CA is not the reason i know about you, but I’m sad if you’re sad.


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