Guest Strip by Matt Wilson and Daniel Butler 2
June 1st, 2012

Guest Strip by Matt Wilson and Daniel Butler 2

Matt Wilson and Daniel Butler, they of the Copernicus Robot comic, fill in for us on this Friday, the day Chris and I drive to Dallas.

Also, be sure to check out Matt’s NEW BOOK!

The Supervillain Handbook: The Ultimate How-to Guide to Destruction and Mayhem

I don’t really get this comic, though. Shoulda gone with face eating or gay marriage, fellas.

(thanks dudes)



  1. MartiniManJoe

    In the real AvsX book I’m kinda confused how the Pheonix is going to help the X-Men


    luminum Reply:

    The theory right now is that because the Phoenix has named mutants as one of its pathways for continued and flourishing life on Earth, and because it refers to Hope as its “child”, it will somehow restart the mutant population, either by wiping out Wanda’s spell, jump starting the gene, or restoring former mutants.


    Rizz Rustbolt Reply:

    Partial credit. It’ll kill Wanda, host of the Red Phoenix Force, and restore the original continuum.

    Or at least that what would have happened if Loeb had gotten his way.


  2. algeya

    to be fair it makes more sense that the actual crossover


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