Thanks, Avatar.
May 14th, 2012

Thanks, Avatar.

I can’t remember the last time I was actually excited to watch a Saturday morning cartoon. Bobby’s World? Ninja Turtles? That’s it. Two. I can’t even remember more Saturday morning cartons. That’s how crusted over my childhood has become. I’m like a kid with a million scabs on him that forgot what it originally looked like.

Well, until Legend of Korra. It’s the new series from the guys that did Avatar: The Last Airbender. The cartoon. Not the movie, which I haven’t seen, but, by all accounts, is a special kind of terrible. Legend of Korra takes place about 60 or so years after the original series (which owns, btw) and it’s different enough to feel fresh, keeping so much of the great world-building and lore of the old show while introducing characters related to the original series gang.

If you haven’t seen the original Avatar: The Last Airbender series, it’s all on Netflix. Watch it, it’s amazing, and I feel like there’s less and less of that these days. You could also dive right into Korra, too, I imagine. It’s its own thing enough to where you wouldn’t feel too lost.

And I actually haven’t gotten up on a Saturday to catch it live yet. The sun’s usually up then and the vapors from Friday night are flammable.



  1. algeya

    but pokemon is at 7 am …………


  2. @chris_graves

    i am enjoying the new Thundercats. It’s sexy and kick ass and it’s the only show I can catch before I leave for work


  3. MoustachePants

    My advice to you, is to just stay up until it comes on.


  4. lynn

    awe! those pjs are so cute!


  5. PedroV

    Wait wait wait… You’re telling me people watch television shows on television? That’s crazy talk!


  6. Centipede Damascus

    I watched the Last Airbender movie on Netflix streaming a while ago just to see how bad it was. I was not prepared for that level of bad. I’ve never seen a movie that bad that didn’t have a guy and two robots making fun of it.


  7. John42

    I completely agree with the blog post; Avatar has an imaginative fantasy world, solid characters and beautiful martial arts scenes. If you want to watch an awesome cartoon, start watching Avatar right now. Right. Now.


  8. MartiniManJoe

    I was at a bar with Curt and three of our friends and I was the only one who hasn’t seen Airbender and its like they were speaking a different language!

    But on the Cartoon thing, the line up during week days was soooo Awesome!

    Peter Pan, Turtles, Tiny Toons and closing with Batman TAS……that was the pinnacle!!!


  9. Joel Priddy

    Looks like Chris got a little crazy with the shamrock shakes, Friday night.


  10. Pj Perez

    It’s telling that both Chris and I designated our teenage selves by adorning them in Stussy t-shirts … in separate webcomics … within a week of each other: – That’s how cool we are.

    I smell a guest appearance around the corner …


  11. Alana

    I used to get up at 5:30 am on Saturdays to watch the Super Mario Brothers Super Show and right after that Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego :)


  12. Rod Alva

    What about Young Justice, guys?
    That show is awesome!


    Markus Seaberry Reply:

    I agree, Young Justice is awesome. I have to be at work on Saturday mornings, so I DVR it.


  13. Joseph Brian Scott

    Yeah! What those guys ^ said. However you feel about the current state of DC comics and the New 52 and Dan Didio or whatever the beef is, Young Justice demonstrates a pretty assured hand with dialogue and that alone makes it worth catching.


    AdamYJ Reply:

    Young Justice and Green Lantern are both good, but I kind of like many of the DC Nation shorts better. What can I say, I prefer a more comical take on superheroes. Oh, and Thundercats is also pretty good.


  14. JoeAconite

    Good thing a Saturday Morning hangover has just enough of the edge off when Pony comes on at one.


  15. SeanNOLA

    FACT: Bobby’s World is probably the reason I chased after any girl with an upper-mid-western accent in college.


  16. Pj

    Are there even such a thing as Saturday morning cartoons anymore?

    Also, I am sensing a slight age gap here, because for ME, Saturday morning cartoons were Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends, the Smurfs, and Pac-Man. I only remember TMNT being syndicated in the afternoons, by which time I was already pimpin’ hoes like my name was Dolemite.


  17. Jason

    I marathoned “Avatar: The Last Airbender” from late last Thursday (the 10th) until late yesterday (the 19th/20th), never having watched it before, but having watched “Korra” since it leaked. I thought it was a good idea to start watching it and boy was I right! I don’t know why I didn’t start watching it earlier!


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