Assembly Line
May 7th, 2012

Assembly Line

Hi, Euge here. I’ve been asked to write a post, while Curt is busy working on his robot army…errrrrrrr, his…. bonsai tree craft. yeah, that’s what it is.

So we all saw MARVEL’S THE AVENGERS™ this weekend, in the case of me and Chris, twice. You could probably guess that we loved it, so there’s not really much that needs to be said on that issue.

I guess the bigger issue is what this means for comics. There was a lot of talk leading up to MARVEL’S THE AVENGERS™ that made comics a kind of contentious and angry place; and in some cases, for good reason. And look, we all get it. Comic publishers, ALL publishers, have in some way screwed over creators in the long history of this business. People screw people, even some creators have done it too. Corporations are evil, and we all use iPhones even after knowing that they’re probably made with the tears of sweatshop workers in China or somewhere. We have to pick our battles, and to those of you who choose MARVEL’S THE AVENGERS™ to be a battle you wish to hold the line on, kudos to you. You are stronger people than we are.

The bigger point is this: there’s a whole bunch of people that are at the moment, very excited about some comic book characters. We saw it, in person. They are overly thrilled, over the moon, they are running out of the theater with their hands held high, cheering! They are willing to see ANOTHER THOR MOVIE (and the fact that A Thor movie ever happened, and did well, is kind of shocking, isn’t it?). From here on out, it’s pretty clear that conglomerates and corporations will continue to make things that make you pay a-the-moneys to them, and comics, geekdom, whatever, will be, as it always has been, a place where the bottom line is the bottom line. When you boil it down, it will always be that way, and always has been. It’s up to us whether that same place can also be a place of awesome fun and creativity, a welcome place for people who don’t read comics, haven’t read comics in years, or never thought they would care about comics to come in and experience why we love this business so much. For it to meaningfully, not just economically, grow. Or it will continue to be a negative, horrible cesspool of insular, angry, and bitter people who will squander the immense amount of goodwill that a $200M+ opening weekend box office can generate.

It’s a beautiful, sunny day. And yes, we got some lemons. Let’s make some lemonade?

And while you’re at it, donate to the Heroes Initiative as a thank you to all the great comic creators who got us to the point where we got to see the Hulk smash like he was always meant to.


  1. MartiniManJoe

    Agreed on all ends of this post, and if you wanna get deeper on it, its not Joss Wedon’s fault Marvel screwed over Jack Kirby, dude had the opportunity to make a great film with characters we all love and he did a great job, as well with the cast!!!!

    NEW 52 still sucks btw


  2. Pj

    Euge, I wanna hug you, bro.


  3. Timothy

    I thought the comic was about how movie sale don’t translate into comic sales, even though they should. Or at least that’s how it was half a year ago, maybe it’s changed?


  4. Benel

    I really like the idea of a Thor shirt under a red hoodie.


    chrishaley Reply:

    That is literally what I wore to the movie.


  5. Markus Seaberry

    Interesting strip and nice commentary from Euge.


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