It’s a key for your penis.
May 3rd, 2012

It’s a key for your penis.

I can’t recommend Locke and Key enough.

I’m a weird kind of horror fan. I hate most horror movies, most horror comics. I’m not a fan of seeing mutilation up close. Seeing throats cut makes me wince. But I loved Hostel 2. I loved Cabin in the Woods. I’ve read every English translation of Junji Ito’s comics.

I’m constantly trying to figure out what definition of horror works for me, and I’ve gotten closer to narrowing it down. I love good characters. I like being scared. I don’t mind people being killed, but it’s gotta service the overall story somehow.

I went through a period in high school where I read every H.P Lovecraft story. The staid words and academic prose weren’t enough to keep me away, and I was fascinated by unknowable terrors and creatures that we can’t even fathom.

Locke and Key has everything I personally love about horror: extremely strong characters, real stakes, gorgeous art, legitimately frightening adversaries.

Go buy it if you want to support something excellent.



  1. AdamYJ

    I’m a weird sort of horror fan, too. I’m noty crazy about gore or slashers. I mainly just like old-school supernatural horror like the black and white Universal flicks and classic Victorian literature. I also have a soft spot for kids’ horror like Goosebumps, Are You Afraid of the Dark? and all that stuff that was on TV when I was younger.


  2. AdotJdot

    Locke and Key is fantastic. I recently bought all of it that I could on Comixology via an iPad and binge-read it. Kept me up way too late due to not wanting to stop reading.


  3. J

    Written by Stephen King’s son!


  4. JoeAconite

    I’m less scared by the implications of the terrible penis key, as to how you figured out where it’s keyhole was.


  5. Kyle

    I like psychological horror a lot more than I like gorehound/slasher stuff. (In particular because most slashers are so friggin’ generic). Lovecraft is a great example of how good psychological horror works – even his various limitations as a writer aren’t enough to get in the way of the fantastic ideas & concepts he has.


  6. Kadin

    “I don’t mind people being killed, but it’s gotta service the overall story somehow.”

    But you liked Hostel 2?


  7. o0o

    for great horror manga, check out Kazuo Umezu, a big influence on Ito.


  8. JasmineP

    I have the first 2 TPBs and I’m enjoying it. i’m buying them slowly.

    I’m not the biggest horror fan but I also enjoyed Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service. People finding dead bodies but the mystery was in how they died. Cabin in the Woods was down right magical.


  9. Amy

    Yup, I totally downloaded and read this entire series after y’all posted this comic. So good! Thanks for continuing to point me in the right direction, fellas!


  10. Shadowcthuhlu

    Another vote for Kurosagi. It’s underloved.


  11. lynn

    in the beginning i came here because, well you guys are cute and would write cute comics, but now i come more for education. kinda like the daily show.


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