On to the next one
April 26th, 2012

On to the next one

So, my first comic came out today.

This is what it looks like:

How do you like that?

You can buy it digitally through Comixology here (there’s also a free preview there) or at your local comic shop.

Did you get a copy today already? If so:
2) What did you think?
3) Please tweet me a picture of you with your copy!
4) If you liked it or liked my art or bought it just because I was drawing it or all of the above, feel free to let Boom! Studios know that via their Twitter or their website and maybe they’ll hire me for something again!
5) Several of the pages of original art have already been sold, but if there’s a page you really loved, I’m happy to report that I’m selling all of the original art for this book with all proceeds going directly to my favorite charity, the “Keep Chris Haley Off the Streets” Foundation! E-mail me at thechrishaley@gmail.com with a page number or description if you’re interested!

I’ll never get to make another first comic, so I’m going to thank some people like this is a big deal. Just humor me, okay?

My thanks to:
Rich Johnston – for specifically requesting me
Chris Rosa – for never saying any of my questions were dumb
Boom! Studios – for not laughing at Rich and Chris when I was suggested
Curt – for being excited for me and supportive
April – for understanding and putting up with waking up for work and seeing me still up working
Euge – for telling me the pages looked dope
Dylan – for saying I was on fire (if not like Johnny Storm, then at least Firelord)
Joel Priddy – for forcing me to be an artist and biting his tongue all the times I am terrible at it
Jon Morris – for Golden Age advice
Chris & Allison – for holding my hand (Literally!) (Not literally.)
Luke, Joe, & DB – for helping us keep things going
Sims, Laura, MW, Church, Rachel, Jen(s), Andy, Brothers, Uzumeri, Ken, Richard, and all the rest of my internet/comics family – for having my back, bolstering my spirits, and being the best (I know I’ve forgotten people. If I didn’t mention you by name, I still love you. Yell at me in the comments and I’ll beg your forgiveness.)
Martini – for telling the internet he was proud of me
Memphis crew – for your unrelenting commitment to being jerks and/or your support, advice, kindness, help, & love
Comics & Collectibles – for ordering an absolutely insane amount (PLEASE COME TO THE SIGNING!)
And most importantly, YOU, the customers – If not for all of you making LBFA popular enough for people at comic companies to go, “Let’s Be Friends Again? Yeah, I.. think I’ve heard of them.” this probably wouldn’t have happened. Drinks are on the house. You guys make me feel like Daniel Bryan. Yes.

What’s that?

Now I have to make more comics?!

To be continued…



  1. BetaRayBob

    Yay, Chris! My shop didn’t have any unfortunately, but I put in a special order for the comic that, and I quote “Motherfucking Chris Haley drew”. Sure it’s not a first day sale, but it’s still a sale! :D


    chrishaley Reply:


  2. Sam

    Nice work, Chris! I’ll be sure to pick up a copy as soon as I can get to my LCS.

    And hey, free drinks? Oh hot damn I’m gettin’ driggity-drunk toniiiiiight, happy birthday to me.


  3. Laurel

    “And to Laurel and Zach for feeding me delicious pizza that one night when I couldn’t hang out because I was busy working on a masterpiece”


    chrishaley Reply:

    That’s covered under “support” & “kindness” in the “Memphis crew” thanks.


  4. April

    So proud of you, sweetie! :D Now go the fuck to sleep!


  5. Zachary

    Congrats, Chris. Glad to see you getting your dreams.

    Even if they might be doing permanent damage to your sleep cycles.


  6. Daniel McBatman

    Way to go, man! I’ll be swinging by my local shop soon to pick up a copy!


    chrishaley Reply:

    Excellent. Be sure to tweet me a picture of you with it when you do!


  7. Rob G



  8. Tracy McWilliams

    Hey, Chris, I picked it up yesterday, and it is awesome sauce! Great job!


    chrishaley Reply:

    Fantastic! Tweet me a picture of you with it if you can!


  9. Markus Seaberry

    Dude, you know I’m proud of you, and I’ll be buying my copy at C&C on Free Comic Book Day and getting you to sign it. As I said at C&C on Wednesday, “I’m proud of that Haley Boy”. Of course, then Donnie made a snarky comment. Shocker!!


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  11. SexyBlackPat

    well done man! well done!


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