You are not much help, Ghost Writer.
April 23rd, 2012

You are not much help, Ghost Writer.

You tell ‘em, Ghost Writer!

ITEM: Want to be a super-villain? Already a super-villain and want some tips on how to up your game? Just want to support a guy who co-hosts War Rocket Ajax?


Do the right thing. Or the wrong thing? I’m not sure what’s correct in this situation.


Oh, hey, also, no big deal or anything, but I have a comic coming out this week.

This is what it looks like if you want to purchase a copy from your local comic shop!

I’ve been told that it’s already sold out at the distributor level, and Boom! is going back to press on a second printing, which, means you need to rush out this Wednesday and get one of the more valuable first printing editions!

Seriously though, if you dudes and lady dudes have enjoyed what we do here, it’d mean a lot to me if you picked a copy of this up and let me know what you think.

Even better would be if you picked a copy up and then let Boom! know that you were buying it because of me. You know, just a tweet or an email saying you liked my art and they should keep paying me to make comics for them. That kind of thing. #shameless

I’ll post some of my process/behind the scenes stuff in the blog here tomorrow to try to entice you further.

It was really an amazing learning experience on a number of fronts, and I can’t wait for you guys to see it and to hear what you think!



  1. Pj

    I will buy this, Chris, not because of you, but in spite of Curt.


  2. Brad Curran

    I’m interested in seeing how many additions there will be to the PBS tag in the future.


  3. Brad Curran

    Oh, and congrats on the sell out. Hopefully the first of many.


  4. Laura

    You have no idea how long it took me to stop thinking Ghost Writer when anyone said Ghost Rider.

    Congrats, man!


    o0o Reply:

    as a kid who’s dad was a True Believer, it was the opposite for me!


  5. JoeAconite

    Wishbone would had kicked Blackheart’s ass and looked so cute with a tiny Dr. Strange cloak of levitation on.


  6. Markus Seaberry

    Wow. I freakin’ loved watching Ghost Writer back in the day. Plus, Chris, I will probably buy Captain American Idol next week and get you to sign it on Free Comic Book Day. I’m proud of you, dude.


    chrishaley Reply:

    I’m going to have a ton of it at the signing, so just wait until then to buy it.


  7. brenton8090

    OH my god, I have been waiting for friggin YEARS for someone to make this joke. As I kid, I would get the two mixed up all the time. Anyone else remember the episode with the creepy purple goo doll?


  8. Jorell

    Nice! I used to love Ghost Writer but I barely remember the show now. This was a nice reminder.

    I was wondering when your comic was coming out, Chris. I can’t wait to read it.


  9. Iax

    Is the link missing or am I stupid? what book?


    chrishaley Reply:



  10. sloppyquickdraw

    Hooray for Comics and Collectibles.


    Wade Reply:

    What happened to The Vagrant Shootist? It’s like I just watched the first season of Lost, and they didn’t make more episodes.


  11. Wade

    OMG I finally get the chance to be comic book/superhero nerd picky about detail ish!

    GUYS. Ghostwriter can only write with letters that are already there. Those are not all rearranged letters from “bookstore.”

    Haha but srsly, laughed out loud.

    Important public service announcement – everytime you use an acronym, you’re pretty much killing Ghostwriter… again.


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