Death to all Mantas
April 16th, 2012

Death to all Mantas

Never let it be said Aquaman wasn’t providing a valuable service to all future manta ray orphans.


I said as much in the blog, but be sure to check out the return of our “Comics, Everybody!” series for ComicsAlliance featuring Shazam/Captain Marvel! If you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed making it: drop a comment, click a “Like”, etc. over there and let our boss at CA know you’re glad to see us there again.

Euge/Adam WarRock has got tons of stuff going on right now. Go check it all out!

Everybody see Cabin in the Woods? Amazing. It was pretty much all we were able to talk about this weekend. #nospoilers



  1. Jim McClain



  2. Wally East

    “I call it, “The Adventure of Having My Comic Give Nightmares to Young Readers Everywhere!”


  3. JoeAconite

    I truly miss the bombastic buoyant baritone bathypelagic bearded boisterousness of ‘Brave and the Bold’ Aquaman.
    He was fun and heroic.
    Now we have murder man.
    He’s not Aquaman, he’s fish-sticker. The lifeguard that kills.


  4. Steve Chaput

    I enjoyed the Brave & the Bold Aquaman, but don’t believe there will be any confusion. Loved the cartoon though.


    Laura Reply:

    I think it’s less a problem of confusion and more of comics not being for kids anymore. Aquaman was a character that very few people liked (except maybe “ironically” however that works). BatB made him a really fun character that kids could get a kick out of. Obviously you can’t keep that level of silliness up in a regular monthly show, but I’m getting awful tired of little kids who like BatB coming into the library wanting comics and finding that I don’t have anything I can give them with the heroes they like.


  5. Markus Seaberry

    Nice strip. Didn’t know Manta was offed like that. Dang. Was he still African-American? If so, double dang. First Static gets cancelled, now Manta gets whacked.


  6. Daniel McBatman

    I would buy the hell out of an Aquaman comic if he was written like the ‘Brave and The Bold’ Aquaman. This XTREME Aquaman shit just ain’t primin’ my pumps.


  7. Pablo

    ok, i know it sucks. but to be honest. i always ask myself ¨why doesnt he murder him?¨ its not the batman joker situation. its ¨that madafucker kill my baby¨ situation. if he kill him and eats his meat, i woulnt be mad
    i would be mad at the fact that we have an aquaman story that features a dude killing the baby of aquaman


  8. Dan

    I really don’t have a problem with Aquaman killing. He’s one of those concepts that seems to owe a whole lot to the Pulps, and killing the bad guy is a major staple of that tradition.


  9. Anthony Shannon

    Well Ahoy, well ahoy, well AHOY!- My friends!


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