North Side
April 3rd, 2012

North Side

Raising the banners means calling in the big guns, though I’m guessing there won’t be much celebrating with mead after their first victory.

Between Tyrion hotstepping into Cersei’s shit like nobody’s business and the murder of tons of babies, the season premiere of Game of Thrones was all out great. Three things have to happen for me to like a show:

1. horse gotta die
2. somebody gotta drink poison
3. some kind of scroll gotta get delivered at some point

So, yeah, I was satisfied.


Props to Joe Hunter for helping me out with the colors on this one! -ch


  1. Marshall Hopkins

    Am I the only one who wants to see that Gendry Kid and Arya Stark fuck some shit up, like Ned and Robert must have?

    Also, would pay an entire year’s salary for a prequel TV movie showing the fall of the Mad King, Aerys Targaryen (played by an unrecognizable Viggo Mortensen!)

    Great strip this week, guys! I am another Westerosi fanatic


    Luckner Reply:

    Apparently just enough of a fanatic to not have read the books …


    Marshall Hopkins Reply:

    I’ve always been more of a watch, then read kind of guy. Just my nature. What’s not in my nature is to troll and make insignificant snarky comments just for the sake of.

    But, you know – to each their own


  2. Joel Priddy

    Daenerys all cuddled up with her Fin Fang Foom eggs.


    chrishaley Reply:

    Oh man, I can’t even tell you how much more I’d like this show if little Fin Fang Foom’s (tiny shorts and all) had come out of that fire with her.


  3. Zoidberg

    I though it was kinda slow, like the episodes 8-10 of the first season. I hope the season 2 would start like season 1 where the first four episodes were balls to the walls shit happening all the time. Maybe they are setting the story for new viewers, maybe they are saving money (like Walking Dead). I liked Stannis and the red witch, though.


  4. JoeAconite

    Winter Soldier is Coming…


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  6. Rizz Rustbolt

    That’s “Uncle” Tony to you.


  7. maskedmanissue1

    Relevant follow-up questions:

    a) Is Uncle Tony more family than the bastard Jon Snow?

    b) Wouldn’t it be absolutely awesome if we could skip the ordeal of the next couple of seasons and just have Tony show up on the next episode to blow the crap out of the Lannisters’ heads starting with the insufferable King Joffrey (Tyrion excluded, of course)?

    Random snark:

    - Next on the list for House Stark, befriend certain God of Thunder to take care of the frost giants coming form the north.

    - This show already has a Scarlet Witch, now it’s only missing a dragon to be named Lockheed

    As always, great cartoon guys!


  8. otherjoel

    Maybe Richard Stark could send Ser Parker to Winterfell.


  9. Danicus Decimus Meridius

    Stannis Baratheon has S.H.I.E.L.D. working for him. after all, the Baratheon motto is “Ours is the Fury”.


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