Guest strip by Luke Herr & Joe Hunter (Part 2)
March 12th, 2012

Guest strip by Luke Herr & Joe Hunter (Part 2)

I liked Joe and Luke’s guest strip on Friday so much that I demanded to know what was going to happen next, and they acquiesced to my demands with the following comic.

And since Dan Didio cancelled Reboot, I’m tempted to demand they keep making comics of what happens next in Curt & Chris’ cyber-adventures to fill that void in my heart.

I had a way I was going to tie this all in to talking about our Forums, but now I can’t remember what it was.. oh! Spam Ultron. Did you know he was born on our forums? Well, he was. Or maybe you just want to talk about Reboot? There’s a place on our forums for that too.

My point is, we’ve got a good crew playing in the forums, and you’re welcome to come hang out with us.



  1. Agent Orange

    Spam Ultron is the greatest thing that the internet has ever spawned. It’s so beautiful.


  2. Lightning_Armour

    I’m kind of surprised Spam Ultron isn’t a bigger meme. Seems like the type of thing that would take off.
    Also, Reboot was pretty much the greatest part of my childhood. I really hope Rainmaker actually gets around to doing that new Reboot thing they’ve been teasing at for like 3 years now.


  3. Algeya

    Now you are forung me to join the forums


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