Captain Lawsuit
March 7th, 2012

Captain Lawsuit

There are few things worse than comic book interviews. Everybody’s trying to be Stan Lee, trying to tell you what you think you want to hear.

Everybody knows why they’re calling this book Shazam, and it certainly isn’t because everybody already did anyway. His name is Captain Marvel. If you just said, “We’re changing his name to Shazam because Disney would sue our asses.” it would be so refreshing.


1) The fact that DC is calling the new thing “The Curse of Shazam” is even more telling to me than this costume change that they have the exact wrong idea about what makes this character great/work. Being a little kid that can become a superhero by saying a magic word should be a comic about how this is the greatest possible thing that could ever happen. It should not be this complicated to get right. This book should be called “THE UNBELIEVABLE AWESOMENESS OF SHAZAM!” or something equally exciting/enthusiastic. Or, you know, it can just be another dark, miserable affair that gets lost in the quagmire of all the other dark, miserable comics out there. Whatever.

2) Our thanks once again to Joe Hunter for giving us a hand on the colors.



  1. JonHex

    I can’t wait for random people to come up to Shazam saying things like “Aren’t you Captain something?”


  2. Brian

    I want Geoff Johns to reboot Kazaam.

    I’m not joking.


  3. algeya

    with ben 10 around, captain marvel seems redundant in tv media


  4. MoustachePants

    I didn’t notice the Christmas lights in the background. If Billy is angsty because he didn’t get the Megazord he really wanted for Christmas, I’m totally on board. That was the worst Christmas ever.


  5. lostinube

    Dear Geoff Johns,


  6. Benel

    What’s that boy? Timmy trapped in the well again? What? DC’s trying to spin bullshit again? Well, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle!


  7. Trusty Mutsi

    I was thinking the exact same thing. “No, you’re changing it so you don’t get sued. Please don’t insult us.” Sigh….


  8. M'tt

    DC seems to be losing touch not only with their fan-base, but with their characters.

    I imagine it will be a good comic, but I’ll be going through it with some whiteout so I can put “Captain Marvel” anywhere where someone calls him “Shazam.”
    It’s sort of like “Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone” vs. “Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone.”


  9. Joel Priddy

    Geezuz, DC. The difference between Supes and Shazam (I mean, sure, why not?) is not science and magic. It’s that Billy’s villain hangs up a sign outside his lab that say “Villain’s Hideout.”


  10. Pink Peril

    I wonder if the decision to use Captain Marvel at all in the DCnU had anything to do with the popularity of the Shazam service. Seems WB forgot to lock that copyright down back in the 90′s. Oops.

    Think you guys will do a history of Captain Marvel now? Pretty please!


  11. Markus Seaberry

    I agree, the main reason is that calling his title Captain Marvel will get them sued. I also agree that Shazam should not be a “dark” book. Can we have some fun heroes, please?! Because we all know “flying owns”. Oh, yeah, we need a history of Captain Marvel/Shazam like yesterday, guys.


  12. Joseph Brian Scott

    Why is it that I enjoy reading the Marvel Family stuff from the ’40s and ’50s so much, and even a lot of the stuff from the early ’70s, but most, if not all, of the DC Marvel Family material since then has made me sad and/or angry?


  13. Zachary

    I’m just going to leave this here.


    Laura Reply:

    What is that from? It looks nifty.


  14. mattcd42

    Looks like DC needs a sales boost. SHAZAM!


  15. JoeAconite

    The sense of wonder from the Jeff Smith handling of Captain Marvel was perfect in his mini-series. It did need a few tweaks to make it perfect, but that is out the window now.

    The big red cheese is supposed to be the wonder and magic of the DCU. A guardian given the powers of the old guard through the mind of a child to keep it pure.

    This is destined to be Shame Hipster Angst Zealotry Anger Mediocrity.


    M'tt Reply:

    That’s really the solution. Just keep throwing money at Jeff Smith until he agrees to do more Captain Marvel comics.


    JoeAconite Reply:

    To the DC Money Vault!
    *open vault*

    Why is Jim Lee and Rob Liefeld rolling around naked in here?!
    *closes vault*


  16. Bill

    I really like what DC is doing with its Magic books, Wonder Woman included. If they’re going to bring the Batson family in anywhere on the mainstream DC Universe, I’d prefer to see him hanging with actual good books like Animal Man and Swamp Thing.

    That said, it works a whole lot better as a kid’s book. With both Tiny Titans and Batman Brave and the Bold both ending, now would be a good time to make that book happen.


  17. adam

    I would so pay cash dollars for a comic called “THE UNBELIEVABLE AWESOMENESS OF BEING SHAZAM!” I’d pay extra for some good Kundera referencing.


  18. Laura

    I really want to know what TPTB have against books that are…y’know, fun. Or happy. You nailed it, really. This should be a book made with unbridled enthusiasm, with a feeling of pure joy. I mean, I’m not against dark, angsty books. I’m not against dark horror books, or books like Demon Knights with all the killin’s and betrayal.

    But YEESH. Why can’t we have just a few books that are fun.

    And yeah, Spokesfolk need to get it through their heads that they are not Stan Lee. Stan Lee is everyone’s lovable shyster uncle who we all know is flim-flamming us, and who we love for it. On him, the insincerity is endearing. On anyone else…it’s just insincerity.


  19. Lightning_Armour

    You’d think DC would ave learned from the last four times they attempted to turn Captain Marvel into some “mature” whatnot that it never frigging works.

    Between this and Wally West being stricken from the records, DC has lost all ground with me.


  20. Captain Comet

    Where’s the bomber jacket?


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  22. comicbookalex

    I love Captain Marvel! Like you said that book would be so awesome if they wrote it like they should. A little kid gets powers and gets to fight alongside his favorite heroes because they belive he is an adult. They always write Billy as a kid and Captain Marvel as an adult. They should have him geek out like on young justice. I could go on and on but I won’t.


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