Dead to the world
March 5th, 2012

Dead to the world

I won’t be leaving Chris in a lurch to this degree, but if you notice my eyes are a bit more sunken and my skin’s somehow paler, it’s because I’ve been staying up late to play a video game where I kiss alien Batman a lot.



  1. lankyguy

    I love it. And Garrus on a skateboard, bonus win!


  2. Jim

    I feel so bad for Chris right now. Remember Curt…Pretty is as pretty does.


  3. Lightning_Armour

    I instantly imagined this exchange happening with a dialogue wheel.
    +10 Renegade points to Curt for leaving Chris.


  4. UncannyJay

    For the next week, I have neither family nor friends. I have but a singular purpose. Take Earth Back.


  5. Robert White

    Just a few more days for us in england to wait for Mass Effect 3…have you guys in America got it already?


  6. jstanshall

    yeah… I romanced Garrus, too. You basically have to.


  7. brainypirate

    Is there a game where I can kiss alien Green Arrow? I prefer blondes (and facial hair….)


  8. Rizz Rustbolt

    I tried rubbing my credit card on the screen, but I have yet to receive confirmation of my purchase of a “Sick-Nasty Garrus” t-shirt.

    Is something broken over there?


    jmags Reply:

    Did you lick the screen before rubbing your card on it? I’m pretty sure that’s how you fix it.


  9. Rebecca

    Played the demo on kinect which allows you to talk to the people instead of having to scroll and select how you would like to respond, ya know because sometimes pushing a button is a lot of work.


  10. SeanNOLA


    what have I done?


  11. Laurel

    I FEEL THE EXACT SAME WAY! It’s like my honey pie has been transported and doesn’t appreciate my sassy comments…


    Zachary Reply:

    I still appreciate your sassy comments!


  12. Daren Zenner

    Daren Zenner

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