Family Ties
February 18th, 2012

Family Ties

In this case, it’s tied around your neck and it’s got a ridiculous amulet attached to it.

We love you, Darkhawk.

Curt, Eugene, and I pulled out every one of your back issues at the comic shop last week and commented on every single cover. That is an absolute true story of a thing we did in the year 2012.

Anyway, that new Ghost Rider movie came out today, so this is also a great chance for you to look at some of our classic strips featuring ol’ Skull Face. Is that one of his nicknames? Does Ghost Rider have a bunch of those Marvel style nicknames?

Oh, and this is the funniest/saddest thing you will read all weekend for sure.



  1. Koltreg

    Isn’t Curt the inspiration for Dark Hawk?


  2. Agent Orange

    Wait, only three Ghost Rider comics?! I’m kind of surprised.


  3. conundrum

    I cannot be the only person in the world who likes Darkhawk. Marvel would not have tried so hard to bring him back if that were true. Unless they really like me :)


  4. Boneman

    I really like the concept of this comic, but I think you guys missed a great opportunity to depict Darkhawk in all his goofy 90s glory. That last panel could easily be reframed to include him. Maybe a shot from the inside, with Chris & Kurt looking out through the window, or just zooming out a little bit in the current panel to show Darkhawk standing by the door.

    Right now, this strip is missing a visual punchline to really cement your point.


  5. Lightning_Armour

    Wait, you guys know Darkhawk? Can you introduce me? Maybe he can introduce me to Nova and my wildest dreams will have been realized.


    Gerardo Tejada Reply:

    Darkhawk is lame Nova is Awsome, I bet they are cousins and Nova invited him to the party
    Darkhawk: I think they dont like me…
    Nova: Dont be ridicoulous chum, you make them laugh!

    But, beign fair, Nova is a rip off of Green Lantern (well Supreme was a rip off of superman and I dont see anyone complaining)


  6. Euge

    What are you guys cooking


    chrishaley Reply:

    Let’s analyze:
    Open box of cereal.
    Something green.
    Something green being blended.
    Something in a skillet.

    Can anyone figure out what we might possibly be making from this, because I cannot.


  7. lynn

    oh man, i feel you on that second panel.


  8. Markus Seaberry

    I bought a Darkhawk comic from the quarter bin recently. I enjoyed it. I have a soft spot for a lot of cheesy 90s comics, exept for The Clone Saga. That just makes me sad.


  9. Joey

    What’s a darkhawk?


  10. Captain Comet

    Is Darkhawk related to Shadowhawk at all?


  11. Elliot

    I like the fact that your apron also has a lightning bolt on it.


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