Ghost Rider is Property of Marvel
February 15th, 2012

Ghost Rider is Property of Marvel

Gary Friedrich created Ghost Rider. He sued Marvel a few years back, claiming the rights to the character should’ve been turned over to him. Marvel recently counter-sued, saying Friedrich has been selling unauthorized likenesses of Marvel characters at conventions.

Marvel has a point, but it’ll set a dangerous precedent if they win their case. Dangerous for anyone doing sketches at a show and dangerous for us personally because we obviously use Marvel and DC characters all the time without permission.

Whatever, we’ll just draw everybody bangin’.



  1. Danny Djeljosevic

    Looks like he found his dick pills.


  2. UncannyJay

    Wracking my brain trying to figure out who the redhead is.


    Jorell Reply:

    Black Widow.


  3. JonHex

    Marvel didn’t countersue. They won the lawsuit and Friedrich had to give a value on how much Friedrich made selling Ghost Rider prints and merchandise. Friedrich also claimed to be the sole creator of Ghost Rider even though there were about three other hands in creating him.


  4. tom fowler

    “Wracking my brain trying to figure out who the redhead is.”

    clearly it’s velma.


  5. Jorell

    Between this, Comics Alliance’s gender swapped valentines, and Bryan Lee O’Malley’s own Valentines Day piece, I’ve been very uncomfortable about how turned on I’ve been by cartoons this week.


    chrishaley Reply:



  6. SexyBlackPat

    ghost ride that whip, yo!


  7. joegkushner

    well, Diseny owns Marvel. they’re not going to let anyone come after them because that would set a different type of precedent that Marvel/Disney is not going to tolerate. If they grind this poor bastard into the ground so hard that his ancestors shreik out, they’re hoping to stop others from coming forward and doing the same.


  8. Ryan

    I would think you guys would be protected through fair use for parody.


  9. jstanshall

    Now, how did you avoid calling this strip “Straight Up Bonin’” or something like that?


  10. Colin

    Obviously it’s Whip from King of Fighters


  11. TexasNinjaBuzzard

    It’s like bitchez ain’t heard-a parody these days. Why does Disney ruin everything it touches?


  12. Brendan

    I was under the impression the issue was that he was selling original prints of covers at conventions without permission from Marvel or the original artist. These being unique pieces and certainly not something Friedrich has the rights to. Most artists who sell in art alley sell stuff they made for that and other events.
    The issue of him claiming to be the creator is also suspect when other people arguably had a greater role.

    Marvel are dicks but on this issue their suit is legit.


  13. MartiniManJoe

    Dang Curt you always yellin at Haley calm down!!!


  14. sloppyquickdraw

    I’m pretty sure you guys fall under parody, which isn’t copyright infringement. Or so Joel Priddy has me believing.


  15. JoeAconite

    Spirit on Vagina-ence.


  16. T.F.

    Looks like Maude Lebowski’s skeleton. I like it.


  17. UncannyJay

    Would this one merit the inclusion of the LBFA theme song too?


    chrishaley Reply:



  18. Andrew

    Aw, c’mon guys! Don’t let facts get in the way here! The little guy can never be a bad guy! It’s always those big, bad corporations, what with them being all corporationy and corporate and the little guy just being the little guy!

    Have you guys forgotten about Rob Granito?


    JoeAconite Reply:

    We are all Rob Granito. No, really. I think he has pretended to be everyone.


  19. Laura

    I keep getting mixed stories, but I swear I heard that the actual problem was that he was selling a print that he hadn’t actually drawn or worked on at all himself.

    Or, well, the problem in terms of “what you can and can’t sell at a con.”

    But if that’s true, then gotta say…that’s just not cricket.


  20. John 2.0

    Ha! There was an episode of the ‘How Did This Get Made’ podcast with the director of latest Ghost Rider movie where the ‘anything he rides gets demonic and busts into flames, so where are the flaming hookers’ issue is discussed in some detail.


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