That Old Familiar Feeling
February 9th, 2012

That Old Familiar Feeling

I’m two for two this week on helping Curt navigate the frightening new waters of human emotions.

Any time you’ve liked something for as long as we (and most likely, you) have, and really invested a lot of energy and emotion into it, there comes a point where you start getting fed up with how things work or the continually unresolved problems you see perpetuated.

This is totally natural.

If you really care about comics or video games or football or whatever though, all it takes to get you back on board is the right exciting thing that reignites what made you love it in the first place.

There’s definitely a lot to be up in the air about right now in comics, and there certainly seem to be a lot of people up in the air about those things, but it’s important not to let those things suck the joy out of what you love.

Aaaaaaaaaanyway, check out Adam WarRock’s Mass Effect 3 EP and SIGN UP FOR OUR MAILING LIST!

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  1. Zoidberg

    Oh, that face. It just made my day!


  2. Graeme

    It’s funny ’cause it’s true…and the Avengers trailer does look pretty sweet!

    PS – Will one of you guys marry me? Please?


  3. SeanNOLA

    Man, Curt being in a funk put me in a weird place:


  4. JRudner

    Alcohol is never the answer… unless the question is “what fixes everything?”


  5. algeya

    I had a hate and love relationship with a girl…… it didnt end up well


  6. lynn

    i want a collage of that face on a t shirt. it shows up every now and then, and it always makes me chuckle. we should name that face…


    chrishaley Reply:

    The overjoyed face?


  7. Rusty

    i dunno. I’ve liked and been involved in Victorian literature and American Noire for longer than I have comics and I have never said I hated either of the first two. I have def said that about comics and would say it today; Avengers trailer be damned


  8. Teej Turtle

    Feeling like this now with networking.
    Work my butt off and all people want to see are images of Dragonball Z *sob*


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