This Tuesday, let someone you care about know just how much you LOVE them with our 100% Guaranteed-to-Exist Valentine’s Day e-cards!

That’s right, if you donate $1 between now and Tuesday the 14th we will e-mail your chosen target a Valentine!

The Valentines feature our characters Mr. Fahrenheit Jr. and the Enthusiast, but will also feature our BRAND NEW NEVER BEFORE SEEN addition to the duo – Honey Steel! AN ACTUAL WOMAN.

They’ll kinda look like this but all prettified with colors that we got straight off the color wheel. FANCY!

So click here to donate and MAKE SURE you specify two things -

1. Who you want the Valentine sent to, name and e-mail address.
2. If you want the card to be HEARTFELT, FUNNY, or HATEFUL. We like to give our audience options.


  1. chrishaley

    Our undying love, thanks, and affection to Dylan Todd ( ) for making the graphic at the top of this post!


  2. Jordan

    This is fantastic and I’m definitely getting some later when I can sit down and decide who deserves heartfelt, who deserves funny, and who deserves hateful.

    But hey, I thought Honey Steel was already a character? Waaaay back when I first heard of you guys through Jemma, it was from some pics she drew of you two, and there was a lady in one of them. Was that her? Why did you wait so long to introduce her?


    chrishaley Reply:

    Yes, that’s her, but Curt means she’s never been seen in the comics or even actually drawn by me yet. She’s only been drawn where people have seen it before by Joel Priddy and Jemma Salume.


    Jordan Reply:

    Well then this is exciting. What are her powers?


  3. SexyBlackPat

    one buck sent! boo-yah! ;)


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