In Case of Emergency
February 6th, 2012

In Case of Emergency

Everybody gets a little blue sometimes, even me. Luckily, Chris leads a very depressing life so he was able to tell me how to get through it. Thanks, Chris!

LISTEN: Our buddy Adam WarRock (or Eugene, whatever) put out a new EP in preparation for Mass Effect 3. Listen to it and prepare to go HAM on the Reapers.


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  1. Pablo

    first i read an article about how horrible is the life of those who leave
    now this?
    comedy sites are getting darker


  2. Matthew

    Wow, it’s rare that I come across comedy that actually succeeds in dealing with real issues while still being funny (Cracked being, IMO, the best example of this). I’ve liked your webcomic for a while, but I think this helped knock it up another notch for me. I’m not expecting this every week, but well done.


  3. HertzelWolfman

    As someone who has had very bad problems with depressions, I can independently verify the description of depression in the second panel as being both frighteningly hilarious and accurate.


  4. Wade

    The cure for depression is to put PICTURES OF ME EVERYWHERE. I’m basically like glamorous fly tape for depression… flies.


  5. Markus Seaberry

    Interesting strip, guys.


  6. JoeAconite

    For my blues, I have a case with a glass front that contains a nice bottle of hootch. For those worse depressions, I have a hollowed book with a bottle of booze within. For rainy days and mondays there’s that wonderful rotgut I keep in the toilet tank. I hate being sad. And my liver.


  7. Rob G

    Run through the most dangerous part of town wearing nothing but a t shirt decrying the culture of whoever happens to live there. Cry. Put a cherry bomb inside you. Get yourself a big old bowl of chocolate cereal filled with coke. Do coke. No don’t.

    Also, in retrospect, Stan Lee is a gift not only to comics; but to the American literary tradition.


  8. algeya

    are all webcomickers suffer deppresion???
    penny arcade, sohmer and a dozen more suffer it,


  9. Rizz Rustbolt

    I usually describe it as feeling like sand on a beach… Damp and sedentary.


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