Age 6
February 3rd, 2012

Age 6

The smartest thing DC’s done with these Watchmen prequels is put some quality talent on them. JMS, Azzarello, Darywyn Cooke, Kuberts – this definitely isn’t the new 52 featuring a “Where are they now” murderer’s row of 90′s talent.

It’s funny, every interview you read with the people on these books is weirdly defensive. They give reasons for why this is okay, reasons why Moore shouldn’t be mad, reasons why this is a good idea – and the thing is, the product will show all that if it’s good. Don’t tell us Moore shouldn’t be upset about this, don’t try to take some moral high ground. Just do a good job on it and shut the fuck up. None of you had a burning desire to tell a new Night Owl story. This isn’t some kind of passion project you’ve wanted to do for years.

You are talented and DC recognizes that and is giving you a lot of money to work on a very controversial project. Just say that, do your best work and shut up about it.



  1. Tyler

    I would legitimately want to read a Darwyn Cooke story about how that car came to be upside down…

    You make a good point of how weird those interviews are. I’m sure some of them would rather not talk with the PR dept…er… comic “news” sites, but these days it kind of goes with the job.


  2. chrishaley

    Curt’s post is almost the exact same speech he gave me about doing Captain American Idol.


  3. Nightwolf

    I agree with you, but flipping the coin, Moore should really shut up too.


    Feliciano182 Reply:

    Why ? Because he is actually right ? DC is squeezing whatever pennies they can get out of one the last sacred cows in comic book history, and they are doing it because they can’t come up with something original of their own.


    Nightwolf Reply:

    So? if the books are good, I don’t care, and why should anyone? reading a good story is all that should matter, not stupid sacred cows.

    Either both sides get to bitch, or neither gets to.


    Jordjevic Reply:

    “So? if the books are good, I don’t care, and why should anyone? reading a good story is all that should matter, not stupid sacred cows.”

    Congratulations, you’re everything wrong with the comics industry.

    GonzoDuke Reply:

    “they are doing it because they can’t come up with something original of their own.”

    It would be easy to dismiss this comment, but it’s undeniably true. Moore’s statement last year about “top flight talent” earned him some scorn among some comics professionals, but he was absolutely spot on. Look at the pool of unbelievable talent on these new Watchmen projects. Are you seriously telling me that DC is going to gather these comic powerhouses just to tell a new Watchmen story?

    Moore was right. If DC thought these people were so great, why don’t they give them the same opportunity they gave Moore in 1985? The answer is because they can’t. Any creator worth a crap is going to want a level of control and money that Warner/Lexcorp will not be comfortable with.

    In 1985, they were too scared to let Moore do anything new or scary to their newly acquired Charlton trademarks, so they let him create new characters that served as archetypes/analogues of the Charlton heroes. Then, they got Moore and Gibbons in a silly contract that dangled the carrot of ownership to the creators, but pretty much only if it was such a flop that DC took it out of print.

    Let’s face facts. DC would rather give you 5 Batman/Green Lantern books a month than ONE new IP.

    It’s not as if these stories need to be told. There is no more that needs to be said about the world of Watchmen. Everything that needs to be said about those characters has been said in the 400+ pages of the original work.

    FWIW, I’m not going to crap on this project. Even if it sucks, it won’t tarnish the reputation of the original work. The thing is, the people involved are capable of much, much, more than rehashing the very last thing that DC hasn’t messed with yet. It speaks volumes about DC and the state of the industry in general that the highest priority they have is digging up 25 year old concepts simply because they haven’t done it.


    Jet Reply:

    At the end of the day Moore is a an old man who despite all his grouchiness, has basically said “Please, don’t mess with this”. “Please” Not, “I’ll send lawyers who will use the bendy straw legality around this and torpedo it forever!” I’m not really buying the sudden upwelling of trying to cast Moore as the villan, he’s one of the Creators on a book everyone claims to love (for the wrong reasons maybe, but love is love) voicing his opinion. His earned that pittance from the “fans” I think.


    Steve Reply:

    One of the things that usually gets overlooked in this depiction of Moore is he never says anything about the different variations of his past project directly on his own volition, and to the best of my knowledge, it’s only when someone interviews him. It would be one thing if he was just spewing whatever he thought independently but that just isn’t the case and he’s proven, if you ask him a question, he’s going to be as honest (at least to himself) and blunt as possible.


    Niles Day Reply:

    First off, LFBA, you guys are awesome.

    That being said, nightwolf you’re an entitled punk. ‘All I wanna be is entertained.’ Yeah, we thoroughly get that. How bout this? Create a true work that lasts, just one, and you can talk all the shit you want to eat. Otherwise, just keep quiet.


  4. Nightwolf

    @Jordjevic, really? there are lots of things wrong with the comic industry, a paying reader that only cares about being entertained surely isn’t one of them.

    Congratulations, you are everything that is wrong with the internet. ;)


  5. chrishaley

    Everyone please, let’s all just agree that we’re all what’s wrong with everything.


    Joseph Brian Scott Reply:

    Thanks a lot! I guess my parents were right.


  6. Laura

    Probably the smartest take on it I’ve heard. This is a thing, it is happening, and there are only two facts here: Alan Moore has every right to be pissed off. And DC brought in some serious talent to do this. And that’s really all there is to it.

    “the new 52 featuring a “Where are they now” murderer’s row of 90′s talent.”

    Is the best phrase I’ve seen to describe the line up.


  7. luminum

    I think you make an excellent point I hadn’t considered. WAS anyone really expressing any desire for more Watchmen content? WAS any major writer out there expressing a burning desire to write stories about Night Owl or Silk Spectre? My sense fo things is a big no. I could be wrong, but it seemed the attention about Watchmen when it was adapted into a film was the profound impact, quality, and enjoyability of the original work, not a pressing need to dissect it and lay its intestines out on the table.


  8. Benel

    Yeah, the thing about the creator’s defensiveness about the work is true. It’s like they’re gonna do great and shit, but they know it’s awkward, we know it’s awkward. Let’s not pretend that it’s not awkward.


  9. Esteban the Eye Poker

    So the cranky old warlock is being cranky again? This is not news.

    Did any of the creators of the characters Moore put HIS SPIN on such as Captain Atom, The Question, Blue Beetle, Peacemaker, and a whole host of others, pee in his wheaties for destroying their artistic integrity and vision?



    chrishaley Reply:

    I feel like I’ve heard that Steve Ditko was pretty displeased.


  10. Markus Seaberry

    I may buy these things when they’re eventually collected in trades. Honestly, I’m not sure that I want to see someone else’s take on these characters. It doesn’t feel right to me, but hey, DC owns the characters, so it’s their perogative.


    Gerardo Reply:

    Writers and artist should really learn about laws.
    Moore actually gave DC the power to steal his work and his ideas for their own evil intentions


  11. Pablo

    a question to all of you who says ¨Moore should shut the fuck up¨
    1) fuck you
    2) have you ever read his interviews? he doesnt give a shit about watchmen, or DC, he only speaks of it when asked. and he says, ¨look if they keep squezing ideas i had 20 years ago is because the companys are lazy as fuck¨ and he is fucking right. i never saw him starting to speak or bitch or rant like the crazy person everyone things of him, he is always polite, always trys not to offend anybody but he is honest.

    even so, has moore even say something since they announce these prequels?

    btw- completely agree with you guys, really good.


  12. JonHex

    People bring up the Charleston characters thing and that is the reason there is even a problem. If DC had let Moore use the original characters like he wanted to, DC would never had offered to give Moore & Gibbons the rights to Watchmen in the first place.


  13. mathematicscore

    Gonzo Duke pretty much nailed it.


  14. P. Angel

    I’m not sure how JMS counts as “quality talent”, unless immediately preceded by “extremely poor”.

    And to the Charleston thing, the only reason Moore wanted to use them (and they weren’t his first choice) was because they are incredibly generic characters. Dr Manhattan is clearly nothing like Captain Atom, and anyone who seriously argues otherwise is functionally illiterate. Watchmen is basically an exercise in taking standard superhero elements and elevating them to literature through sheer craft.

    Moore’s only “cranky” because he’s been repeatedly fucked over by an industry built on corporate sociopathy. Fuck anyone who takes the industry’s side.


  15. MartiniManJoe

    I’m kinda over this story only because its all we fans are talking about right now. That being said I love how some people are all about getting Alan Moore’s back and saying “Evil Evil DC Comics” yet continue to buy their books every week. If DC is sooo evil don’t buy their books. I respect Moore but come on he has no problem with getting that check from DC thats made off the Watchmen trade. A check that comes from people who watched the movie and went and bought the book. Alan Moore loves his role in the comics world as the loud creator that got screwed. If I was JMS or any of the other guys and DC offered me a good salary to write these books, I’d take it. I wouldn’t be “Oh no I can write this what about poor old Alan Moore”…Dudes fine I promise


    Gerardo Reply:

    DC stole from Moore the same way Marvel stole from Kirby. What would you think If I made a comic with your ideas and your characters behind your back?

    DC stole from Moore, they are profiting with others ideas, thats is a crime but DC has a legal loop. If I murder or steal in international waters Does that make It any better?

    Imagine I writte “before lets be friend” stealing these characters without the author’s consent, for an artist this is rape, nonconsensual anal rape


    MartiniManJoe Reply:

    Dude! DC didn’t steal anything they own the story…they published it, every comic you buy is DC profiting of someone’s ideas, I guess what you’re saying is I should stop buying Batman books too? Poor Bob Kane!! Welcome to business man the world is not fair! Hence why we should support creator owned comics like this one!!!


    Gerardo Reply:

    Lisent, you dont kill Lemire or Snyder or Cornell’s career just because you hate DC.
    Thats stupid.

    What DC is doing is not fair, period. Even if they Can do this is still not fair. I guess everyone’s dignity have a price, but that is not something good.


  16. MartiniManJoe

    Poor old Alan Moore, DC so bad cry cry cry…I’m not going to buy these books cry cry cry


  17. chrishaley

    Am I on a tour of the Planters Mr. Peanut Factory, because it is mad salty in here.

    Come on everybody… (wait for it)… let’s be friends again.


    Benel Reply:

    We were never friends to begin with, remember? You stole my car.


  18. Gerardo

    JMS has talent? Frank Miller has talent too, Does that make Holy Terror better than It was?

    Dont be naive people, this is not “The Mists of Avalon” this is more like Avellaneda’s Quixote.

    This is like “The bible Part II: the return of zombie jesus!”, they are going to aproach this as a super hero title, while Watchmen had little to do with superhero genre.

    Of course they have the right to do It, but Should they? Why dont they use Azzarelo for a DC character? Why DC depends on 25 year old stories? Why no one tries to writte a new Watchmen? Why they shw this lack pf respect to Moore and to the DC characters that are in the limbo?


    Pablo Reply:

    i totally inmagitated Mr Pigglets saying those words


    Tom from West Chester Reply:

    I had to google Avellaneda’s Don Quixote after reading your post. I had never heard of that before, so thank you for that.


  19. Lightning_Armour

    Watchmen wasn’t the greatest thing ever, but it’s culturally significant and whatnot, so adding a bunch of unnecessary crap on to it for the sake of a quick buck just seems kind of lame.
    Kind of like ‘The Thing’ prequel. It’s not going to add anything significant to the overall story, and you’re just going to be given a slightly more in depth account of shit you already knew happened, but with a new writer/director’s spin on it which probably won’t live up to how the original creator presented it.


  20. Gerardo

    Again I am really scared of people who think JMS has talent, If they buy his books DC could give him more. I dont need more Rob Liefeld book, much less more JMS books. Even Loeb seems like Moore when you compare him to JMS… Maybe Im exagerating, but JMS does not stand a chance against real talents like kubert, Azzarello, etc.

    JMS is at Krul level, filler writers


    Pablo Reply:

    auch!. ehhh not agree… eehhh i kind of like silver surfer requiem.
    and i like his run in thor….sort of…. only the part where he kicks tonys face..


  21. JoeAconite

    Soon that new mini-series “B fdor Bendetts” will hit the stands. This showcase of Moore’s earlier glimpse of the “V for Vendetta” world. Albeit before he became a better typist.


  22. T Campbell

    If the comics news cycle waited for actual work to come out before deciding how good it was going to be, this would be a very different field. Since it does not, it hardly seems weird that DC’s talent is in a defensive crouch. They knew exactly what the first reaction to the news would be, and prepared as best they could.

    But the comic is very funny.


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