Fortress of Skrillextude
February 2nd, 2012

Fortress of Skrillextude

JMS already turned Superman into a terrible hipster in his Superman: Year One, we’re just taking it a little further.

ALSO: Chris and I were honored to be chosen to be in Dallas’ comic comedy ensemble The Variant‘s season 2 finale episode! Check it out. You see my ass.


Okay, so if you haven’t heard yet, today has been a big news day for us.

No, not the Watchmen thing. I mean, I’m sure we’ll do something about that, but that’s not what I’m trying to talk about now.

As Curt pointed out/embedded our guest-starring episode of The Variants finally debuted today.

By a strange cosmic coincidence, the news also broke today that I’m going to be drawing a book for Boom! called “Captain American Idol”. Here is the cover and the solicitation for said book:

CAPTAIN AMERICAN IDOL #1: During World War II, Captain American was America’s #1 entertainer, thrilling audiences stateside and on the front lines — until a Komikaze attack on his show seemingly took him away forever. But now, a TV talent show looking for fresh blood instead finds the Captain’s frozen body. Written by Rich Johnston (no, really!), drawn by Chris Haley with a cover by Mark Stafford, CAPTAIN AMERICAN IDOL ships on April 25th with a Diamond order code of FEB12 0847.

If you want to order it from your local comic shop, it’s in the Previews that just came out today.

Now, you may have noticed from the title in the picture that this book (and several others that accompany it) is being written by Rich Johnston of Bleeding Cool fame/infamy.

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have also noticed that there were some people who were really upset with me for taking this gig because Rich was writing it.

I’m not sure what to say to that exactly.

I mean, I could tell you, we do this comic for $0 and I’ve got bills to pay if I want to keep eating and living indoors, so when a fucking for real comic company calls and says “We want to pay you to draw a comic for us!”, I’d be pretty stupid to say no.

I could also tell you that some of our biggest traffic when we were trying to get this thing started came from Rich Johnston linking to us over at Bleeding Cool.

I could also, also tell you that Rich Johnston has never been anything but friendly, professional, and helpful to Curt and myself. He’s linked to us without us asking. He’s linked to us when we’ve had something we really needed linked to. For some reason he asked me to present an award at his Bleeding Cool Awards at C2E2 last year, and gave me an introduction that was so flattering I was honestly a little dumbstruck.

And most importantly, at a time when my financial future was looking pretty terrifying, I find out he has suggested a major comic publisher invest their money in me as an artist worth paying.

So, if knowing all of that, you still want to hate on me for taking this gig all I can say is..

Or perhaps..


Or maybe..

Or maybe even..

Nah, that’s probably too far.

Better just stick with..

And if any of you are so upset that I had to take a paying gig with a real comic company working with a writer you don’t care for to keep the lights on, I’m more than happy to point you to:

1) Our sad-faced little DONATE button that’s to the right underneath every single comic we do.
2) Our STORE from whence you can buy Let’s Be Friends Again things.
3) My COMMISSION RATES which are basically always open and happy for your business.

For all of you that have been supportive and congratulated me, I cannot thank you enough and all I can say is I hope you like the book when it comes out.

My best to you all.



  1. Jorell

    Congratulations on the gig, Chris. I’m definitely going to pick your comic up. Can’t say I’ll be doing the same with Beyond Watchmen.


  2. Danny Djeljosevic

    Maaan, people just don’t get how hard it is for creative types, especially in comics. It’s real infuriating that you’re getting some negative responses. That shit ain’t right.

    But, f’real, congrats on the comic. I’m really excited to pick that up.

    Nice to see some positive words about Rich on the net, too. I met him once, he seemed like a nice guy.



  3. Brett Williams

    He really was pretty dumbfounded during that awards show last year. And, for what it’s worth, I’d just appeared on a panel with Rich right before those awards and everything Chris said above I would gladly second. Say what you want about what his site is or isn’t about, but Rich himself has always been straight up with me and with a lot of people whom I respect.


  4. deebeemonster

    Congratulations Chris! I hope that this is just the first step in your new career as comic book artist. You’ll always have my support.

    Regardless of what Rich Johnston may or may not have done, the fact that people are worked up enough to give you grief really don’t have any concept of the difficulty that lies in getting this type of work. And honestly, in the grand scheme of things, RJ is hardly HARDLY doing war crimes, Jesus wept.

    Don’t sweat these haters, just put in the best work you can, and cash that check. At the end of the day you’ll be earning A LIVING doing what you love, and they’ll still be bitter internet trolls.

    But if I find out one day you’re working with Mark Millar?


    Eh, I’d still support you, brother!



  5. Sheli

    Congrats Chris!!!!!!!! That’s AWESOME!


  6. Matt I

    I actually don’t really get people’s problems with him. He’s a gossip columnist, and good at what he does. Have you read what Alan Moore and the Before Watchmen creators have to say about it? Yeah, of course you have, and if you haven’t, check any comics website for 30 seconds, because its on every damn one. We all love gossip, and Johnston is the best at what he does (and what he does is rumormonger).


  7. Stu

    Congratulations! As for the comic, are you sure he’s not actually a Timelord? He was in a story this week involving timetravel and a place that’s bigger on the inside than the outside. All we need is “I wear armour now. Armour is cool.” to complete the connection.


  8. Zoidberg




    HEROES !


  9. Pj Perez

    Rich Johnston may be an ankle-biter, but he’s OUR ankle-biter (and like you, he’s kindly linked to my stuff without provocation, and never done me wrong), so whatever. Anyone who isn’t excited for you to have this awesome gig is obviously not a friend. Congrats, and I’m looking forward to reading the Boom! book. Mostly for your art, but I read Rich’s “Watchmensch” (actually reviewed it), and he’s good at satire.


  10. Pablo

    i dont get it. why are they mad?

    pd:grat comic! i had the same problem with superman earth-1. that and it was fucking boring


  11. lankyguy

    Loved you guys in the Variants ep. Congratz on the gig. #FuckEm #HatersGonnaHate


  12. Bridgette

    SHIT SON! Hell yeah.


  13. algeya

    I dont know why the people got mad because you got the job,
    ps.- may I blog about your book in my site????


  14. Jidasfire

    I know very little about Rich Johnston except that everyone seems to hate him, almost as much as they hate Valerie D’Orazio (another person I’m not sure why they’re hated). But if whiners begrudge you success, it’s obviously because they’re busy giving sexual gratification to Nazis.


  15. Brad Curran

    Congratulations on the gig!


  16. Markus Seaberry

    Chris!! I am super excited for you!! I am going to order that book the next time I go to Comics and Collectibles. I also plan on reviewing it as well. Congrats, dude!! Hopefully this will be the first of many paying gigs for you.


  17. Gerardo

    JMS is up there with Krull and Winnick, writters who suck. DC has such great new writters as Cornell, Lemire, Snyder, etc. But they are stuck with bad editorial staff.

    But I guess JMS is going to get more gigs, who is going to want to work with DC if every work is going to be called sexist, racist or child murderer


  18. Gerardo

    Calm, people get jelous cause in this industry no one knows if you got the job for your work or because you are dating the boss’s daughter ;)

    How do you think most writers got their jobs?


  19. Lightning_Armour

    Chris, congratulations on getting a legit comic gig that isn’t drawing Curt’s ill-fated White Lantern comic!

    Curt, congratulations on having your ass seen by everyone on the internet!


  20. lynn

    Dood! that’s awesome! also, nice acting! ;)


  21. Brainy Pirate

    nice ass! (is it weird for you to have a guy say that?)


  22. pdnoosh

    Holy fuck, you guys are CUUUUUUUUUTE! Also, congrats on the gettin’ paid thing.


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  24. Adan

    How about that. . .a post about social media that isn’t just about it. It’s a “how-to” with solid, usable advice. Refreshing. Thank you.


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