How Dry
January 30th, 2012

How Dry

Wolverine and the X-Men is probably the best comic coming out of Marvel right now. Well, it and Fantastic Four. Well, it and Fantastic Four and Daredevil.

Alright, Marvel is kicking ass lately. Especially in light of the shit tornado spiraling out of DC most of the time. Did you read the new Justice League? It was a quip-off. Mother fuckers trying to outquip one another in every panel.

Darkseid’s secret weakness is shitty quips. Now we know.

Check out our pal Adam WarRock’s Comics Alliance rap-up (lol).

The site also appears to be back to normal. We rode out of GoDaddy on flying horses, our comics cargo flying behind us. Blazing through the sky to the land of Dreamhost we dropped our goods off and set up shop. Hopefully you don’t experience anymore problems navigating stuff.

And the forums are back up too!

And we’re starting a mailing list! PLEASE SIGN UP FOR IT!¬†We promise it’ll only be good stuff that you want to hear about! (Like the insane deals we can get you on dick pills.)


I’d also like to say that this comic would not have been possible without Joel Priddy teaching me how to draw tweed. He didn’t show me how or anything, he just wears it so much that I couldn’t help but learn what it looks like from him.



  1. Markus Seaberry

    Nice. I agree, Wolverine and the X-Men is an awesome comic. I am trying to keep reading JLA until the Shazam back-ups start. If I don’t like those, I will probably drop it.


  2. Nightwolf

    I like Wolverine and the X-Men, Fantastic Four, Daredevil and Justice League.

    *Takes cover*


  3. Mike

    I wish I got the same enjoyment out of Fantastic Four that the rest of the Internet did. As it is, I’ll be glad to drop it after the current arc wraps. Maybe it reads better as a trade? Guess we can’t be pals anymore, Internet.


    Pablo Reply:

    Hickman tends to fell like that. but i thing is doing a really really good job.


  4. Brad Curran

    I was an early adopter of Hickman’s run and have enjoyed it for the most part, but the pacing and the decision to split it in to two series are trying my patience at this point. I’m pretty sure we can still be friends with the internet as long as we like Daredevil, though.


  5. Brad Curran

    I liked the first couple issues of JL okay, but I couldn’t justify spending $4 on it when so little was happening. Made the same decision on Aaron’s Incredible Hulk, actually. All that said, I think we can all agree that shit tornadoes are a terrifying concept and hope we never have to endure literal ones.


  6. Joel Priddy

    Jeff MacNeely was the master of tweed cartooning:


  7. Rizz Rustbolt

    But Doctor Wolvie needs his medicine!

    Also, no love for Evil Reed Richards?


  8. Mike

    Evil Reed Richards (the Counter-Earth one) was way cool in the 70′s. These days? Not as much. It would have helped if they’d kept some of the more interesting alternate universe Reeds instead of the ones in the boring spacesuits.

    Also, hey, Daredevil is way-fun and beautifully drawn. Even that fill-in by Kano. Let’s be friends still, Internet!


    Rizz Rustbolt Reply:

    I was thinking more of Hickman’s work on The Ultimates. Which was just brilliant.


    Mike Reply:

    Dude writes hella evil Reeds, apparently.


  9. MaGnus

    The campus might be dry, but not Logan’s office:


  10. Pablo

    dude not cool.
    i mean, ok JL (A,I,Dark, etc) sucks asss.
    but there are good stuff.
    ehh animal man is pretty good…but they are gonna end this arc with a crossover….uh.
    Batman is pretty nice too…. but this arc gonna end with an event.
    wonder woman is great…… and batwoman… but the later is pretty much the same in the New52 and the old DC….
    uhhhhhh ok 10 out of 56 are really good.
    not as good as sayd, Uncanny X-force, UX-men, wolverine and the X-men
    the 2 punisher series, daredevil, spiderman, FF, Fantastic four…
    ah!! but in marvel they are gonna ruin most of the series by making them a spin-off of the next silly-ass event/crossover……….fuck this. im gonna read scott pilgrim again…..


  11. Rob G

    Okay, first of all f*(% Jason Aaron, second of all I don’t need to buy toilet paper because I have the compleat works of Matthew Fraction, three i’m writing a biography(have you heard?), Brian Bendis: Bum. Any company that hires Warren Ellis has to be run by a f*^&’n dips&*$t. As for Mr. Excelsior, well, you can go to hell you old bastard.

    Seriously though, Marvel has it easy. They have a huge roster of characters with problems from the sixties and seventies that were crafted to experience unending angst, and everyone’s familiar with them. Penning cosmic psychodramas using them is like shooting fish in a barrel.

    DC has ten characters that are timeless and everyone loves, who date back to the forties and slightly before. Other than that they have a huge collection of minor characters that are cult favorites, but aren’t really well known outside the comic world. I respect them for trying to give the whole universe a fresh feel. They need to just go really avant garde.


  12. Matthew F

    Sorry, but you pretty much just named ALL of Marvels good books. Add in Uncanny XForce and Boom: nothing else worth reading. Fear itself drove Marvel into the ground, whereas I can’t seem to understand your DC hate. I now read more DC than ever before.

    Justice League is amazing month after month. Aqua man is finally, finally good. Swamp Thing and Animal Man are amazing. Bat woman and Flash are incredible artist written books. Batman may be one of the best things in print at the moment. Wonder Woman, like Aquaman, is finally a great read. I can go on and on.

    Week after week all you do is bash DC,but all Marvel has coming up is another hero on hero brawl and the return of the Phoenix Force. Again.


    Mix Master Space Dracula Reply:

    Week after week = twice this month?

    Though you are right about Justice League. I wanted more books where every character is an unlikable jerk all the time.


    Markus Seaberry Reply:

    Boom!! That’s it right there, every character in JLA is a douche, and I hate that!!


    Nightwolf Reply:

    What exactly is so douchey about The Flash? Wonder Woman? Cyborg? Aquaman?

    Batman is just being his usual “dismiss everyone” self and I get that Superman’s “new attitude” comes across as douchey compared to pre-Flashpoint, so that leaves us with Green Lantern, who has indeed been a douche so far, but that’s the point.

    Mix Master Space Dracula Reply:

    Wonder Woman is the one exception of the bunch. While not doing anything douchy (yet) I can kind of tell that Flash is a douche by being the type of guy who would be pals with the Green Lantern. If you read the new Aquaman comics (a fate I wish on nobody) he’s been kind of a dick throughout that series. And I guess you’ve kind of got a point about cyborg.


    Nightwolf Reply:

    So being friends with a douche makes you a douche? I don’t get that logic at all, and Aquaman has hardly been a dick, the people in the book that are not him or Mera are the dicks.

    Go figure, I like the Aquaman book too. xD


  13. Gerardo

    I really like some creators at DC, Morrison, Lemire, Cornell, even Johns some times (even if saying that Johns is racist has become the hip thing to say after he popular Meltzer is sexist). But even with talents like Scott Snyder DC just cant keep up cause is lost with stupid moves, lack of insight, continuity issues, Liefeld art and boring plots.

    DC is stuck with wasted potential and bad editor decissions.

    But Marvel is stuck with awfull and horrible events (that sell well so no chance they stop that cheap trick), man I hate Bendis


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