Just Shit
January 23rd, 2012

Just Shit

Alright, people said some shit, we all watched it on YouTube, we laughed, we thought about making our own, but it’s done now. Officially. (except Shit Southern Gay Guys Say because we know that guy)

In other news: We almost got murdered by a tornado yesterday. Weather, man, it’s crazy. You worry about getting shot with a bullet or bit by a crazy spider but, nah, it’s some crazy wind that gets you. Or an overturned luxury Italian cruise liner.

Stay safe!



  1. Keri

    don’t die.


  2. Brett Williams

    Being a fellow Tennesseean, I know exactly which crazy spider you’re talking about; THE BROWN RECLUSE!


  3. MartiniManJoe

    Why don’t they make a “Shit Magneto says” I d watch the hell outta that Magnet talk beats Beakmans world all day


  4. Wade

    Yay, I get a pardon!
    And thanks for the parenthetical shout out!
    Exclamation point!


  5. Markus Seaberry

    Funny strip. I agree, with the exception of Wade, this trend needs to die.


  6. Lightning_Armour

    I love how Future-Curt’s spacesuit has a collar.


  7. UncannyJay

    Craziest part of that storm was when the f’n weather people at Fox lost power in the middle of it and resorted to tweeting. I knew then and there we were all screwed.


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