America’s Next Top Logo
January 20th, 2012

America’s Next Top Logo

Lots of consternation about DC’s new logo this week. Our buddy Dylan Todd had a great breakdown of the good and the bad of the company’s new logo, and we eventually found out that DC is planning on using the logo differently depending on the context.

What do you think? Is this classic internet-losing-their-shit-over-nothing? Does this destroy your petty nostalgia dreams? Are you drunk right now?



  1. UncannyJay

    It’s a logo. I honestly can’t see what the fuss is about when people flip out over these things.


  2. JonHex

    Why is Adam WarRock ‘Good Cop’?


  3. RDaggle

    Great comic! — so far the only good thing to come of this whole new logo kerfuffle.


  4. LiC

    The logo is hardly a deal breaker for me, and doesn’t fill me with any sort of nerd-rage.

    But I will say that from a purely graphic design opinion, I do feel that the logos are “the weak sauce”. It looks like the kind of logo you’d see for a law firm, or even a news program or even a regular publishing book company. It doesn’t however really feel… I dunno… comic-book-y to me, like the previous two did. Even with the alternating versions they have.


  5. JoeAconite

    I always liked the idea that the logo would be an ever evolving version of the DC Bullet. Too bad.

    I get they giving Liefeld three books now. It’s to create a firewall of nerd rage so they could slip the logo change through.

    Clever toilet seat. Clever.


  6. Mag

    The peeling effect doesn’t look good to me, but it’s nothing to get worked up over, but it may work well on interactive media.

    And to answer the important question: I am distressingly sober at the moment.


  7. Robert White

    Unfortunately, not drunk…as for the logo…I dunno…I can’t make my mind up about it; it’s an interesting idea & the whole ‘context-sensitive’ thing does work at times, but when it doesn’t, it looks awful…like, really awful…


  8. M'tt

    The logo is bland. Not bad, just bland. It doesn’t ‘sell’ comics to me. It looks like it is trying to sell paper or reusable window clings.

    I’m with the internet on this one. DC’s old logo was much better.


  9. Lightning_Armour

    When I first saw that logo I thought that it looked like a corporate logo that would be used by some kind of accounting firm.

    To me it makes DC look like they’re trying to come across as a lot more professional than they are. Like, the logo doesn’t say “comic books” to me.
    It looks like they tried their hardest to make a ‘stylish’ and ‘contemporary’ logo to make themselves look like a serious business and not a comic book publisher that prints Batman and Catwoman fucking.


  10. ToCoWu

    I don’t really care about what logo they use. I have to admit that I liked the old logo better, but I don’t think it will change my reading experience, like a change of writer, artist or complete change of the continuity and direction of stories and characters (*cough*new 52*cough*) would have. But I have to agree with previous comments that doesn’t look like a logo for comic books.


  11. Markus Seaberry

    I guess I agree with most people posting here. I don’t care for the logo, but it won’t make me buy any more or any less DC comics.


  12. ImageGuy

    Well DC seems to be changing everything they were, hell the best books they sell are based on the old west or middle age, the best super hero they make is aquaman. Whats next? James Robinson actually writting good stuff?

    Pd: Im kidding, I actually liked Robinson’s superman


  13. ImageGuy

    And is so obvious they gave that series to Liefeld so DC can cancel them without changing their “under 20000″ policy. I bet everyone knows Liefeld is going to go under the 20000 and are laughing at him, I feel sorry for the guy but at least he got a lot of money to compensate his selfstem for beign a comic book dinosaur.

    I mean, he is not talented or smart but he did create Deadpool and Cable and invented the hilarious body anatomy we all loved back then, I still smile while I see the old comic books of the Maxx.


  14. James

    Classic internet-losing-their-shit-over-nothing.


  15. MartiniManJoe

    Legoooooo……..oh you mean Logo??? Can more people say “I don’t see what the fuss is about”? It looks dumb the flip over doesn’t look like a a D….Put some D’s on that bitch


  16. JasmineP

    I said this somewhere else and in my mind it looks like the Discovery Channel logo, i don’t really like it all that much. I also rarely read single issues so i don’t know.


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