Unfortunate Associations
January 18th, 2012

Unfortunate Associations

Wikipedia was down and I couldn’t do my homework so I force this strip on you.

SOPA/PIPA threatens everything that makes the internet the wonderful frontier it is. If you want to read up on what you can do to stop the legislation from going through, go to Wikipedia and find out who to get in touch with. Also, tell your local Congressman or Senator to support the Let’s Be Friends Again constitutional amendment that transfers the annual defense budget to the LBFA coffers. Thanks.

If you’re looking for a battle cry, check out Adam WarRock’s new song about the subject: Fuck SOPA

WE DID A NEW COMICS, EVERYBODY! Donna Troy, it’s your turn.



  1. mnk

    Yeah, get Dr. Light out of here! This has nothing to do with rape.


  2. JoeAconite

    So, Sue Dibny is our rights as internet users?


  3. Relique

    Wait.. you didn’t know about the 5 different wikipedia SOPA BLOCK work arounds?!?!

    Also, I would vote against anyone who supported SOPA during the next election EVEN IF they changed their vote. Rewarding them with another term only invites them to do it again.


    JoeAconite Reply:

    If they were in on it, they should be out of their seat.
    We have the lists and the backpedaling and spin will be glorious to behold in the next few weeks.


  4. o0o

    Don’t let congress mind-wipe the internet! Just because it raped Hollywood… wait… uh… this metaphor got away from me here…


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