January 16th, 2012


This is all sort of true. Maybe we didn’t exactly say these lines, but the general sentiment has been stated.

HEY, LISTEN: Go pay attention to Adam WarRock’s ComicsAlliance weekly wrap-up rap up now (hahaahaaha *dies*).

What else is new in the world of LBFA? Let me shake the crystal ball and see…

It just said “No way!”



  1. Lightning_Armour

    I’ve had almost this exact same conversation with my roommate before.


  2. JoeAconite

    I’ve watched many a Jennifer Aniston movie like this. Just kiss and get it over, guys.


  3. NathanB

    Sometimes I feel like an ass after we talk, curt. I feel better now knowing that we are on the same page.


  4. MartiniManJoe

    This message is brought to you by the Curt is a jerk foundation spreadin Jerkness around the nation haters take a vacation…btw me and Curt have def had this kinda conversation numerous times


  5. deebeemonster

    My father just had this conversation with me last week. EERIE (IN)


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