Life and Times
January 11th, 2012

Life and Times

Yeah, he really did that.

I’m too young to be worrying about my legacy, but I hope I can say Quasar pooping will not be what I am known for.

I guess there are worse things.



  1. Matthew Hart

    Just what I wanted: ANOTHER virus.


  2. Maxy Barnard

    This is the weirdest way to get to see one of my favourite comics characters as drawn by chris haley

    ….. actually now I think about it this might be one of the more normal ways


  3. guayec

    ‘if i ever die’
    ego, superego and curt franklin’s ego


  4. somedudeguyman

    Look at that cape… so cooooool…..


    Lightning Reply:

    No one will ever look as awesome while pooping.


    chrishaley Reply:

    You haven’t seen FRIDAY’S comic yet….


    o0o Reply:

    i think it’s made of the same material as Cloak’s.


  5. JoeAconite

    Getting the patch to allow me to download these ashes into my Nook 5.0 is gonna be a hassle.


  6. Pj Perez

    I’ll take any Quasar appearance I can get … even this one.


  7. Markus Seaberry

    Funny comic. I’ve always been a semi-fan of Quasar.


  8. John Chidley-Hill

    I wish Curt would get his hair cut like Quasar’s.


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