January 2nd, 2012


Footprints. It’s ubiquitous in the South. Every house you’d go into had it. Pastors and priests would mention it in sermons. It’s just one of those things that enters your vocabulary no matter your religious belief, just because it’s everywhere and it’s so Precious Moments.

And, as if you needed to be reminded, Superman’s got everybody’s back.

Welcome to 2012!



  1. chrishaley

    Big ups to Joe Hunter for his help coloring this strip while I’m sick, and for all the other times he’s helped out in a color capacity.

    Today, he was my Jesus/Superman in a carrying-on-his-back capacity.


    Joe Reply:

    I wouldn’t quite go that far… I help out because I enjoy helping out.

    And as a pastor’s kid, I definitely got a kick out of this strip. My mom had the footprints thing on a plaque in her office.


  2. Jim

    Nice strip and best wishes for a great year for both of you boys.


  3. Captain Marvelous

    Man, Jesus and Superman would be the best team up ever.

    And feel better, Chris. <3


  4. sloppyquickdraw

    I… I can’t read cursive…


  5. Atticus Jackson

    Jesus looks so happy to see Superman


  6. NathanB

    Worked in a poster store in college. Footprints and Scarface posters all day long


  7. Markus Seaberry

    Nice strip. Jesus and Superman? Awesome combo!! I wish I could read their adventures on a monthly basis.


  8. JoeAconite

    So, this was a cross-over event?


  9. darkseid

    I wish nothing but to toil beneath your heel, great Darkseid, but why, when the slave drivers made me labor over the most grueling flames, were your magnificent footprints absent from the charred flesh of my back? Was my pain not pleasing enough to the undisputed master of all hopelessness?
    Silence whelp! Your screams of agony sickened me, so the Lord of Apokolips deigned to waste the immense powers of the Omega Effect in transporting your worthless, mewling carcass to Desaad’s torture pits that you may learn that the true meaning of Anti-Life is not misery, but the gift of eternal nothingness that scum are granted once they die for Darkseid.


    Joseph Brian Scott Reply:

    That would be nice to have on a commemorative plate.


  10. lynn

    awwww! @sloppyquickdraw


  11. Steve

    please make this a print. i would buy it in a heartbeat.


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